Could Wall St save us? Will the CoVID Clot Shot Deaths and Fraud bring down Blackrock and Big Pharma?

Former Blackrock Executive Edward Dowd exposes the clear Pfizer and FDA fraud that is taking place. Edward discusses how COVID-19 and the “Vaccines” were used to cover up global debt and he predicts a currency and financial collapse is coming SOON that will force Humanity into the Globalist’s Great Reset.

Marie Zeee of Zee Media interviewed Edwards Dowd, 16 February 2022.

Note: For those unfamiliar with the scale and might of Blackrock the following short clip is an excellent introduction:

Editor: These companies are part of the Schwarb WEF Davos crowd – they do influence
corporate policies in various ways including so-called Sustainable Development and
Corporate Responsibility Goals which in turn support the UN, WHO and WEF goals
as per The Great Reset.

Editor: My summary with commentary and various charts below.

Former Hedge Fund associates are reaching out to Dowd as “Vaccine” injuries and sudden deaths start becoming blatantly obvious to them. The shocking side effects of the Clot Shots is starting to alarm Wall St and affect stock prices. Moderna’s stock has now collapsed more than 70%, and a lot of the ‘smart money’ is already shorting companies like Pfizer in anticipation of a waterfall collapse.

The smart money guys who took the Clot Shots (falsely called vaccines) and then got the omicron variant now seriously question the efficacy of these shots and the Big gov/ Big Pharma narrative pushing them.

Full podcast interviews here.

While Moderna is a one product company, Pfizer is more diversified so has a more resilient stock price. However, if fraud is proven and scares the money markets, then Pfizer’s stock price is at great risk.

This is why the Clot Shot must be called a vaccine, only then can it be put on the children’s vaccination schedule and given criminal immunity no matter how many adults and children are killed or maimed. Secondly, this is why Pfizer demands insane levels of collateral and tries to ensure they also have civil and contractual immunity – even military bases and embassies are demanded as a guarantees by Pfizer.

We know little of the contracts most nations signed with Pfizer, for example the Israeli government has sealed its cabinet discussions with Pfizer of 30 years. The FDA – which has approved these Clot Shots under ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ – meanwhile it is begging for 75 years for Pfizer to release self-incriminating documents about their so-called trials, etc. under FOIA, fortunately the judge declined. Unfortunately, the FDA already knew in April 2021 of the horrendous increase in miscarriages, congenital deformities and even the immediate harm evident to 14% of babies being breastfed by jabbed mothers…. and still went onto approve it for kids.

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it [to 5 year olds].”

An expert FDA panelist that colluded with Pfizer to experiment on 5 -11 year old children

Dowd goes onto to explain 50% of the FDA budget comes from large capital Big Pharma companies. However, the insurance companies are now being severely impacted by soaring employer insurance claims for premature deaths after the Clot Shots were rolled out – unlike in the pandemic period prior to employers demanding jabs.

Dowd, like others, reports that group insurance companies are experiencing unprecedented spikes in claims. In the financial world, this data trumps any narratives being pushed by Governments and the mockingbird media.

Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundationwrote,
“It would take something REALLY BIG to have an effect this big.”
Moreover, Kirsch said, the culprit would have to be something first introduced in 2021
— “something new … that a huge number of people would be exposed to” —
such as COVID shots.
Vaccine scientist Dr. Rober
t Malone and statistician Jessica Rose, Ph.D.,
agreed that experimental COVID injections should be considered prime suspects.
View here.
AIG calls out unfavorable life insurance mortality on page 1 of the Q4 earnings release today. Substantial deterioration to a loss in 4q from 3q for life insurance segment

It is not just life insurance companies seeing startling results from the roll out of the Clot Shots. Funeral Directors in Britain and Embalmers in the USA are speaking out.

The financial data for Funeral Homes speaks for itself:

Deaths soar with the Clot Shot roll-out, a year after the “pandemic”.

It is also matched by U.S. All-Cause Mortality Rates:

See enlarged chart below

The FDA and Big Pharma knew of the threat to human life and health. The list of “possible” adverse event outcomes is now longer than the phone book for a town and yet people – especially parents – are not being informed:

How long can the mass murdering charade continue? Until their stock price collapses?

See enlarged chart below:

Dowd discusses the terrible consequences of lockdowns on Main St and businesses. However, it may well be Blackrock and Van Guard’s turn to help if the “smart money” on Wall St decides Big Pharma and their Clot Shots are too risky.

Although he anticipates difficult days, he is optimistic we can fight this together. We must inform ourselves, our co-workers, friends and families. This level of corruption and criminality is unsustainable and will collapse, hopefully we direct it to collapse for our Freedom, not our enslavement.

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  1. gino says:

    Maybe I see too much into ‘it’.

    But I had a look at Moderna’s webpage and the first thing I notice about the page, is the extensive use of the Pentagon (pentagram).

    Is that a flashing light to say ‘look at me I work for the USA military to alter DNA’ and I do scientific ‘witchcraft’ / biological warfare? or just a coincidence?

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