Dr Kilian: Get These Blood Tests After Your Covid-19 Injections! Guide Charts Added

Whistleblower Dr. Rochagné Kilian, Mb.Ch.B / CCFP / CCFP EM, has been one of the few doctors courageous enough to speak publicly about the high rate of vascular issues she saw in vaccinated patients as an ER physician in Owen Sound, Ontario. She had worked as an emergency room physician at Grey Bruce Health Services throughout the pandemic. However, within a couple of days of speaking out, on October 27, 2021, her license to practice medicine was suspended.

via America’s Frontline Doctors and the Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Editor: I have added a selection of screenshots below from her exceptionally brief and succinct presentation. Note: The D-Dimer test is one of several that you and your family should consider to assess your health either post-injection or if shedding (transmission) is a risk. The following list is from Team Australia: CoVID & Injections Protocols Using Homeopathy Pt. 2.

Blood Tests: Determine Your Health Status

There is a medical work-up you can do that will inform an assessment of injury to the circulatory system from any Injections that have mRNA technology.  The following tests will also assist your Homeopath/Doctor in assessment of any protocol you are using to reverse vaccination damage.

D-Dimer Test: Having a simple D-Dimer blood test will establish whether or not micro-clotting is present.

Homocysteine Test: A homocysteine test measures the amount of homocysteine in your blood. Homocysteine is a type of amino acid, a chemical your body uses to make proteins.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test: A blood test marker for inflammation in the body. 

Complete Blood Count: A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test. It gives your provider information about your blood and overall health.

Prothrombin time (PT): Along with its derived measures of prothrombin ratio (PR) and international normalized ratio (INR) are used to determine the clotting tendency of blood

Fibrinogen activity test: Fibrinogen is a blood plasma protein that’s made in the liver and is one of 13 coagulation factors responsible for normal blood clotting.

Sed rate: Is a blood test that can reveal inflammatory activity in your body.

SARS-CoV-2 Antibody, IgG, Spike: Qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to help identify individuals who have been exposed to the virus.

If the medical and health system is working along the lines of the Hippocratic Oath – it would be meeting all of Dr. MacCullough’s checklist of diagnostics and therapy. In Australia and other Western states, doctors who insist upon tests like the D Dimer and attempt to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxichloroquine are being fired and struck off the medical registers.  

This constitutes a problem for you and your family.

In Australia and in many nations, the proven anti-virals are now illegal. In nations like the US, the mandated pharmaceutical: Remdesivir is the gateway drug to intubation and ventilation. This is the assembly line to  CoVID mortality due to ventilation with micro-clotting in the lung.  In the UK it is the same story with the Yellow Card mandated: Midazolam

Inflammation and micro-clotting are the main issues of the CoVID disease to be addressed. The goal will always be to remain out of the hands of the CoVID Regime. 

Screenshots of Dr. Kilian’s Slides

The Covid Injection(s)
Dr Charles Hoffe

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