Victoria, Australia: A Global Test Case for Hell, Elections are Dead

These powers segregate Victoria from the rest of Australia and the world. Is it a new NWO mini-nation befitting The Great Reset?

The State Premier can essentially make a pandemic-emergency declaration whenever he/she sees fit, even if there is no pandemic anywhere. He/she will need to give a State of Reason that contains whatever he/she wants. Further nothing voids this declaration even if there is a gross failure to comply with legislative notifications and processes. The Minister for Health then issues any decree that he/she “believes” necessary, it will be virtually impossible to legally challenge the reasonableness of the orders.

Most frightening is that “Persons are going to be contained in a Pandemic Management Area”. (24 minute mark) This is the colour of law being used to set up mass concentration camps. Let us pray they will not be like the Rothschild death camps used against Boer farming men, women and children who would not give up their family farms to make way for Rothschild gold mining or today’s UN Agenda 2030 which seeks to remove people from the land into smart cities. This is why, as in the Rothschild Anglo Boer War a new Scorched Earth Policy is now being enshrined. If you have animals, including pets, they can be slaughtered by the government, without any recourse (29 minute mark).

The Bill essentially uses Marxist theory to categorize and discriminate against groups of people for their exclusion from society and all human rights. There is no recourse i.e. the rule of law is suspended. You can be transported to undefined “other places”, if these are deemed secret your family will not know.

Update: Surprise, youtube banned this legal discussion:

The Bill is so broad it allows for the perpetual prohibition of private gatherings (family BBQ?) and the carrying on of ‘activities, business or undertakings’. That could include any and every aspect of daily life. Forced medical exam and testing is permitted. There is no limit on the nature of these procedures – an internal exam, invasive testing with the results no longer private – you have lost control of your body and your child’s body. You’ll have less rights than a maximum security prisoner currently has.

Overnight you’ll be in the Gulag system for any reason the Government came up with. You’ll have no rights, no recourse and your objections will be viewed as subversive. If your friends and family object, they too will be regarded as subversive.

The Communist Holocaust in Russia and Eastern Europe took 60,000,000 lives. In China it took 54,000,000 lives. Today we have a new religion: A New World Religion of Global “Health” Salvation. A new desire for “salvation” has spread across the globe, but it’s not a desire to be saved from Hell to enter Heaven. It’s a medical salvation with medical sacraments and medical popes and priests like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave an interview regarding the nefarious rise of a global movement desirous of a new faith, health salvation, and new sacraments.
‘In conclusion, [COVID-19] is a pretext with which to give the semblance of legitimacy to restrictions on natural freedoms and fundamental individual rights, in such a way as to create an economic and social crisis with which to make the Great Reset irreversible.’ Read more here.

Summary of The Legislation

This is a global test case.

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