Useful Websites from Around the World: Resources, Information, Advocacy, Community Support and more…

On our HOME page we have an ever growing list of helpful websites for you and your family in many countries. As censorship and intentionally biased algorithms make finding real information and support increasingly difficult, these websites are a great starting point. Please use the contact page and/or comments section to suggest additional websites.

The Where To Turn category also profiles many resources and support networks available. You’ll be surprised at the incredible amount of information and support for professionals and Moms and Dad freely available, if you know where to look.

America Airline Employees 4 Health AE4H

America C19 Vax Reactions – Real stories support, information & hope!

America’s Frontline Doctors – Medical and Legal Resources To Defend Your Freedom

America: No Masks For Kids! 

America: Rational Ground – Information & Resources

America: Solari Report – Exceptional Insights from Catherine Austin Fitts & Resources Against Mandates

America Dr James Perloff author of Covid-19 & The Agendas To Come, Red-Pilled. Free English & Spanish downloads

Australia AdvocateMe: Legal Suits, Cops for Covid Truth, Australians Say No, Teachers Say No and PEOPLE FOR SAFE VACCINES P4SV

Australia Concerned Lawyers Network – Advocacy, Resources, Templates, Open Letters

Informed Choice Australia – a hub with links of up to date information MSM is not covering.

Australia, Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance – Resources, Community & Support To Fight Mandates, Also Complementary Medicine

Reignite Democracy Australia: Monica Smit, You Can Say No! Resources, Support & Community 

Australians Say No! To mandatory injections. Forms & Experts.

Australia: Stand Up Now Australia! National Tour To Inform & Unite

Britian Dr Vernon Coleman – BrandNewTube

Canada: Jabless Jobs a non-discriminatory employment service

Canada LifeSite News -Guide To Resist Injection Mandates

Canada Covid Care Alliance – Independent Science based Resources & Support for All

Children’s Health Defense – Robert F. Kennedy Jr –Resources, Information & Support

Corbett Report : Rockefeller Medicine & Eugenics

Corona Investigative Committee into the unprecedented restrictions and the consequences

DOCTORS for COVID Ethics – international scientists and doctors

Doctor Yourself and Orthomolecular Medicine
News Service free protocols, peer reviewed articles

Dr Peter McCullough Reports – Cardiologist, Epidemiologist, Internist & Academic

Evidence Not Fear – Referenced and sourced COVID-19 information

FLCCC – Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance for Prevention & Treatment Protocols

German Dr Wolfang Wodarg Translated Into 6 Languages

HOW BAD IS MY BATCH? Tracking Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen batch codes with deaths & injuries

Ice Age Farmer

LifeSite News: LifeFacts COVID-19

Maria Zeee Media – Independent uncensored news and interviews

Millions Against Medical Mandates – Coalition of Doctors, Scientists, Organizations & Activists

Natural News – Defending Health, Life & Liberty

NZ Dr Sam Bailey – Virus Mania

NZ Resistance Kiwi – Individual & Community Action & Events

NZD SOS -New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science. Legal & Injection Injury Support.

NZ Voices For Freedom – Community, Resources, Information & Support for Individuals, Professionals & Industry Groups

Plandemic Documentary Series Free In 15 Languages also on Bitchute

Principa Scientific International -A new approach to scientific peer review

PHMPT Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency of the data relied upon by the FDA to license COVID-19 vaccines.

REACT 19 – Patient Led Research for CoVID Jab Injured

Real Not Rare – Jab Injured Victims Speak Out

Spike Protein News

Steve Kirsch – Newsletter and Website Resources

Swiss Policy Research – Independent Experts Provide Data For You To Decide

Technocracy News & Trends – Daily info by Patrick Wood to connect the dots for our future

The COVID World: Post-Injection Testimonies

The Vaccine Reaction – News and Information from around the world about Vaccines, Health and Autonomy

The Exposé UK – Global Focus on Covid Injections

The HighWire with Del Bigtree

The Stew Peters Show

Truth Unmasked Info & Resources

Unite4Truth: Info, Videos & Global Petitions

Uncensored Doctors – Bitchute Channel

Vaccine Impact – News, Data and Resources

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation – Data-driven resources for scientists, policy mankers & public

Whats Her Face – short insightful sarcastic commentary for sharing

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