‘They Live’ Remakes For The Post 2020 World!

In the now legendary 1988 movie They Live, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper plays an unemployed man who arrives in Los Angeles looking for work. He stays at an encampment for homeless people, where he begins to notice strange goings-on. On the television, programming is frequently interrupted by a man who has jammed the signal, imploring everyone to “Wake up.” At the church across the street, he witnesses furtive middle-of-the-night activity. After police destroy the encampment and the church, the man returns to find a box filled with sunglasses. He puts the sunglasses on and immediately sees skull-faced aliens where before he saw people and messages such as “Consume,” “Obey,” and “Stay Asleep” where he once saw advertisements….

Thanks to Tangentopolis on Bitchute we can now see these people through Rowdy’s legendary glasses!

In Vancouver They Heroically Went Live Among Them!

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