The Unity Project: Doctors Helping Parents to STOP Jab Mandates for Children

A wonderful resource for Mom’s and Dad’s trying to protect their children from experimental CoVID jab mandates. Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty lead stellar group of doctors and scientists who all have the same goal – to defend your parental rights to make an informed decision about your child.

Forcing children as young as five-years old to effectively become human shields, assuming vaccine-injury-risk despite having statistically zero risk of CoVID-19 to those who are healthy, just so adults with comorbidities can feel safer – what kind of a society does that? At not time in history have we put children in harm’s way to protect adults.”

Dr Peter A. McCoullough, MD, MPH

We stand against stripping risk-benefit discretion from parents with a novel vaccine for children, which, if healthy are at statistically greater risk of the seasonal flu than CoVID-19″

Dr Robert Malone, MD.

We stand against illogical, nonsensical, unscientific, top-down one-size-fits-all carte blanche mandates for healthy children that directly contradict the current body of evidence and data.

Dr Paul Alexander, PhD, MA

I am honored to serve alongside this team of immense accomplishment, and more importantly, women and men of enormous courage and integrity. The Unity Project is poised to harness the immense grassroots energy needed to halt coercive CoVID vaccine mandates for healthy children and to defend parental rights to informed consent.

Dr Aaron Kheriaty, MD

Although focused on California, the Unity Project website provides guides, talking points and podcasts to help parents around the world to push back. Most parents are not scientists or doctors and can feel intimidated – don’t. Start here with the free guides and help packs:

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