The Female Reproductive Issues in VAERS – why is this even a thing? 5 month old Girls do NOT Menstruate!

Including miscarriages – the normalization of the insane.

By Jessica Rose, Substack January 9, 2022

As promised. The Female Reproductive Issues reported to VAERS. This is so important for our bloody species. I still cannot believe that this is what I am doing with my time – trying to convince humans why it’s a good idea to consider what is contained in a syringe that has been connected to an unprecedented number of adverse events in every adverse event collection system in the world.

There are currently 43,350 women who have filed reports to VAERS for female reproductive issues in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products. Just so that you guys know, I am listing the MedDRA codes that I use in my keyword search in the table below.

The distribution of adverse events by age CDC stratified group looks like this:

and by decade looks like this:

The temporal distribution looks like this:

where 24% of the reports were made immediately and 39% were made within the first 24 hours. This profile is interesting in that it is slightly dissimilar to the profiles of the some of the other ‘serious’ AEs like ‘Death’ and also exhibits small bumps on days 7, 14 and 21.

The normalized data looks like this according to Dose 1 data from the CDC:

The reason for the excessive proportion of events reported in 0-5 year olds comes about due to the small denominator – ‘only’ 11,791 babies aged 0-5 have been injected so far in the States. Of the 10 babies aged 0-5 in VAERS, 9 are in the Foreign data set (aka: the hiding place) and [warning – do not read this if you are prone to puking] a 5-month and a 6-month old baby succumbed to ‘Vaginal haemorrhage’. The 5-month old is referred to as having ‘Menstruation irregular’. Why in the holy hell is the concept of menses being used in a 5-month-old infant?

I read the SYMPTOM_TEXT column and confirmed this to be the case.

Out of these 10 babies, only 3 recovered. That means that 7 died. Only 1 is reported as having died in the “DIED” column indicated by a “Y” entry. Half of them succumbed immediately (VD-OD = 0 → 3 of these did not recover), 1 within 24 hours, 1 within 7 days (this is the one listed as having died), 1 within 22 days and 2 unknown.

I must pause… need a walk.

Ladies, if you are on the fence about whether or not to keep proceeding with injecting yourselves with what I am calling ‘this shit’, please consider waiting. There is nothing wrong with taking time to assess a complex situation. In fact, it is quite intelligent and self-responsible to do so.

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