Healing Protocols For CoVID Jab(s) Using Homeopathy Pt. 1

Think about getting on a CoVID protocol prior to your winter flu season! During the Southern winter months 2021, both Covid Injected and non-injected persons working / living among injected groups, discovered they were starting to get the common symptoms of the Covid Injection. 

These protocols are compiled by “Team Australia” with the invaluable assistance of Linde, a professional homeopath and natural therapies practitioner who had recently retired from practice. Due the current crisis of health for Australians enduring perpetual lockdowns, totalitarian tyranny, persecution and mandated Injections, Linde came out of retirement to work, once again, with numerous medical and health professionals: Team Australia. Some have left their jobs due to Injection mandates [read their shocking testimonies of Injection Injuries]; others are trying to help from within the CoVID Regime. Over the months of the 2021 southern winter they work-shopped together to develop protocols that they were having success with and could share with us all. These protocols are constantly developing as more knowledge comes to hand so please check back for updates.

Click here for the easy-print summary timetable and guide.

Homeopathic professionals and many of the doctors we work with are alarmed by the severe risk of the patented S1 Spike Protein synthesis in the Covid Injections. These are are not ‘experimental’ injections being tested for effectiveness on the human population. They have already been tested and they killed almost all the animals they were tested on. What they are is an Emergency authorized (a dubious legal get-around) injection that delivers a biotech mRNA code to our DNA! The use of Emergency acts bypasses normal safety protocols and aides in the coercion of people to have these injections which are quite unlike any vaccine we have ever seen.

The spike proteins in these Covid Injections (hereafter prions ) replicate and bind to tissues and organs in the Covid Injected persons and are transmissible to those who have not been injected.

With the Covid Injections there are also adverse reactions to the serum containing the prions. This Homeopathic protocol has a section for those who have been injected and recommends homeopathics against those reactions. Immediacy of treatment is extremely beneficial, if possible start within 24 hours of being injected.

The protocol concerns the injected persons who are coding for the spike proteins / prions through their own altered DNA as well as those who become symptomatic for the prion exposure and transmission.  For both groups of people, their innate and broad spectrum immunity may become overwhelmed sooner or later.

Symptoms of the replicating prions will eventually emerge because you will start to produce the prions of the mRNA coding. You will also start “shedding” i.e. transmitting those prions to those around you – including infants you nurse or hold.

The Graphene Oxide (GO) component of the serum will compound the prion disease(s). EMF exposure – especially the 5G frequencies – will amplify the Graphene Oxide and prion transmission. Your own innate immunity, however will be making anti-bodies to the prions and we want to help it win the battle within you. However, the concern for the injected persons who are coding (through their mRNA) for the spike proteins / prions is that their own innate and broad spectrum immunity will be over whelmed sooner or later.

Aquired Immuno-Deficiency will be the result. A dose of the common cold next winter is the last thing you’ll want and an ICU ward is likely the last place you’ll want to be. 

“Of the people in hospital yesterday, 78 percent were vaccinated and 17 were partially vaccinated.” (3:04 minutes) Wait…WHAT?…he just said 95% of the patients were Covid Injected!

It is suggested that you get an anti-body titre test. An antibody titer:

Is a test that detects the presence and measures the amount of antibodies within a person’s blood.

The amount and diversity of antibodies correlates to the strength of the body’s immune response. The immune system produces antibodies to mark invading microorganisms for destruction or to neutralize them before they can cause an infection.

Invading microorganisms are known as pathogens. Pathogens have markers on them known as antigens, which antibodies find and bind to.
The binding of antigens to antibodies sparks the immune response. This is a complex interaction of immune tissues and cells that work to defend against invading organisms and fight infection. .


However, you may not want to request such a test if you risk being forcibly confined to a gulag “Health Hotel” indefinitely, like the man below.

Without any information he is forcibly “happy” to comply with being detained for an unknown reason, an unknown period of time in an unknown location referred to as a Health Hotel. This is obviously Media conditioning. 30 seconds.

Important keynotes of the Spike Protein replication is: :

  • Shortness of breath with influenza like symptoms.
  • Constant cough with shortness of breath.
  • Lethargy. 
  • Muscular stiffness, soreness. 
  • Joint pain and weakness with mobility affected eg lame in the hip.
  • Abdomen can be swollen with gastric reflux and nausea. 

Perhaps you are carrying on as normal but have had a mild form of some or all of these symptoms. Or, you start to get these symptoms a few days a week on a regular basis. Think about getting on a CoVID protocol such as the one mentioned below. Especially prior to your winter flu season! During the Southern winter months 2021, both Covid Injected and non-injected persons working / living among injected groups, discovered they were starting to get the common symptoms of the Covid Injection. 

Remedial Protocols For Those Who Have Taken One Or More COVID-19 Injections

Many individuals experience mild to severe symptoms after being given one or more COVID-19 injections. The following provides Homeopathic options to remedy some of the symptoms and harm. The greatest concern many doctors, scientists and professional Homeopaths have is the alteration of an individual’s immune system after receiving these experimental injections. Consequently, these protocols include preventative and restorative measures to avert terrible effects such as a cytokine storm come the next flu season.

Remember, you and your Doctor can NOT legally be told exactly what is in these Injections. The viral protein sequences and synthesis of these “vaccines” are trade secrets. We do not know what these sequences code for. There are no answers at the back of the book here for you or your Doctor. There are no long-term trials testing these Injections (not even on animals) except in the real world i.e. on you. There is however, unprecedented coercion to force people, even children, to have the injections.

The following Homeopathic protocols are being developed and revised as new symptoms become manifest and presented to accredited homeopaths and our (national) data bases. Please note various medical Doctors are also contributing to the development of these protocols. They have chosen to remain anonymous for reasons that should not require explanation to anyone who has had the slightest inclination to question the official narrative. However, they are impeded by the fact that in the USA alone, at the time of writing this protocol, only one officially acknowledged post-vaccination autopsy has been conducted, despite 11,045 official deaths!

Keep A Journal

As we explain below, it is essential that if you are feeling unwell you immediately start a journal of any and all symptoms. This also applies to people who have not had the Injection but interact with those who have. It is highly likely that the Injected are shedding (transmitting) the synthetic and patented S1 Spike protein synthesis (prions) in the injections which maybe affecting the mRNA of all the people they come into contact with.

An illustrative demonstration of transmission from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed, without consent, by “shedding”. This process also disregards the safety of those who have preexisting disorders.

It is unclear how different Big Pharma brands of Covid Injections interact with each-other and between us as the Injected shed. It is clear that any of these side-effects, including ADE, that occur in soaring numbers due to increased Injection rates will be mislabeled as new waves and variants of COVID-19. Faucci explains ADE – Antibody Dependent Enhancement – in 30 seconds below:


Learn To Recognize Symptoms

Read the list of side effects below and note the symptoms listed. This information will guide you and your Homeopath to developing a specific homeopathic treatment plan for you and your health history (including what vaccines you have previously had in addition to the Covid Injections).

The Official List Of COVID-19 Side Effects

October 22, 2020, the FDA held a meeting of the “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisiory Committee” to discuss the development, authorization and or licensure of vaccines indicated to prevent CoVID-19.  The FDA released a Safety Surveillance of CoVID vaccines:  Draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes – subject to change (as more would be reported). 

What they don’t say is that many people in general population already have mild to severe forms of these conditions from prior vaccines. It is like walking through a mine field blind folded, no particular individual knows how close they are to triggering the detonation of a mine that may kill or maim them for life.

Here is the list of auto-immune, prion diseases the FDA ‘is concerned about’ in relation to CoVID vaccines.

  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome (your body’s immune system attacks your nerves)
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (inflammation in the brain and spinal cord can lead to paralysis, involuntary muscle movements, blindness and more)
  • Transverse myelitis (neurological disorder due to inflammation of the spinal cord causing  pain, muscle weakness, paralysis, sensory problems, or bladder and bowel dysfunction.)
  • Encephalitis / myelitis / encephalomyelitis, meningoencephalitis, meningoencephalitis, meningitis, encephalopathy (Inflammation of the brain with many consequences)
  • Convulsions, seizures
  • Stroke
  • Narcolepsy, catalepsy
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • Myocarditis / pericarditis (immune system reacting to a trigger causing inflammation of the heart muscle and pericarditis is the inflammation of the lining outside the heart
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Pregnancy and birth outcomes (including miscarriages)
  • Other acute demyelinating diseases [MS ]
  • Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
  • Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count potential to not stop internal bleeding)
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (blood clots that can lead to internal bleeding)
  • Venous thromboembolism
  • Arthritis and arthralgia / joint pain
  • Kawasaki disease
  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
  • Vaccine enhanced disease – ADE (antibody dependent / deficient enhancement)
Now also being caused by the Covid Injections for which Big Pharma have complete “immunity” i.e. you cannot sue them and they do not pay compensation.

This list is growing and should be regularly checked. If you have the Covid Injection then make sure you keep a copy of the insert which lists possible side affects for every shot you take. This insert lists are also growing and may not be up to date.

Prevention Of Illness After You Have Been Injected: Early Treatment Common Cold, Influenza

Prevention of a Cytokine Storm is essential in a Covid Injected person. Keeping as healthy as possible through diet and lifestyle is as essential as early intervention when feeling unwell. If you feel a cold coming on or develop influenza then the decades old remedy of Hydroxychloroquine HCQ and Ivermectin are recommended.

Double Whammy? The Covid Injection also causes a Cytokine Storm when the Covid Injected encounter a seasonal common cold or other ailments.

For people who use pharmaceuticals, they should be the ‘standbys’ in your medicine cabinet.

  • Hydroxy chlorine HCQ
  • Ivermectin
  • Vitamin D, at least 5,000 iu daily
  • Vitamin C, high doses, if ill then given intravenously

Natural Therapies For The Covid Injections and Their Transmissions To The Non-Injected

Homeopathy treatments are prescribed on the similarity of the symptoms that a substance will provoke in a person who is asymptomatic. These are called ‘provings’. Prescribing this way is like fighting fire with fire and is the most effective way to prescribe in the energies of substances. 

For example, as every gardener knows, the sap or succus of calendula officinalis (common marigold) will provoke inflammations on the asymptomatic. Thus, as with fighting fire with fire, it will cure inflammations. So powerful an anti-inflammatory is Calendula officinalis that British surgeons used it on combat wounds in WWI.

Anti-inflammatory medicine in a bloom.

Calendula 1M or 10M can be given per day to relieve inflammatory symptoms including; burning, itching pain, swelling, etc. The daily dose will need to be repeated until the crises passes. As an example, Calendula instantly relieves the pain of Herpes Zoster Virus (Shingles). Therefore, it will act on other virus – even recombinants. 

Homeopathies Guide

This Homeopathic protocol is intended as a guide for people who live in remote areas or cannot easily access a Homeopath in person or via the phone or a Zoom/Skype video call. It is best discussed with a Homeopath.

Part One is a guide to understanding and preparing some homeopathies (ingredients) and protocols (treatment schedules) at home for very little expense! All can be ordered from natural health stores and online.

Part Two is a suggested protocol (feel free to discuss and share it with your natural health store, we’d love the feedback).

Note: if you take any medication or supplement add it to your Journal, this will be useful information if you need further treatment or advice. All homes should have a Materia Medica that gives remedy relationships so you can line up remedies in sequence according to signs and symptoms that present.

Every field of study employs its own language, words, and phrases that become an integral part of engaging with the discipline. In herbalism, one such phrase is “materia medica,” which comes from Latin and literally means “healing materials.” More specifically, a materia medica is a body of knowledge that describes how plants have been used therapeutically throughout the ages. These published works span from ancient times all the way to our modern texts. Assistance to create your own materia medica.

Part One: Essential Homeopathics You Can Make Yourself Or Easily Order

These are some of the prescribed early treatment and prophylaxis:

How to Make Dandelion Tea from Dried Root

Making dandelion root tincture Medicinal herbs

Can also make canabis sativa tincture using the above method.

For pain and inflammation:

Wild Lettuce Extract

Get Quinine from Grapefruit

Hawthorn berries improve the contractability of the heart.  This is why it is added to the feed of race horses and the hedges are grown all around the stables.  I would put ½ cup of berries in filtered water and bring to the boil.  It can be used to infuse other leaves like gingko biloba to help thin the blood.

Artemisia vulgaris is effective against virus.

For Quercetin – onions and leeks – raw in salads. You can soak them in apple juice and throw them in the coleslaw.

Quercetin like Dandelion Root has strong natural antiviral action.  It is a transcriptase blocker of spike proteins that penetrate into cell membranes throughout the body. After this penetration, protein dissolving enzymes activate, the cell membrane breaks down, the viral sequence enters the cytoplasm through the membrane breach and the metabolism of the cell is subsequently ‘hijacked’ to manufacture more viral sequences. The spike protein attaches to the ACE2 receptors. Spike protein is highly toxic and has ability to replicate indefinitely.


Borscht for blood tonic. Slow cook 5 large beetroot in skin with ½ small pumpkin ( I juse a jap pumpkin ) with 1 or 2 bulbs of garlic.  When tender – blend with organic apple juice.  It has quite a kick.  For better value, add cayenne pepper to taste. Use as a dip or spread, use the leftover greens in a salad.

Zinc, Vitamin D,  Vitamin C ascorbic acid which are in every C-V protocol as well as the following Therapeutic Agents:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (HP) neublization
  • Ozonators
  • Ultraviolet blood radiation
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Ionized air and water

Pets and Animals

It is best to keep a pet.  Animals are extremely sensitive to energies – to EMF and the blood resonance of the vaccinated.  If you are vaccinated note if you pet is avoiding you and may even exhibit the same symptoms you have. If the treatment protocol is working – that is,  reversing the vaccinosis (disease of the vaccine) and helping your tissues to make H2O2 to break down graphene oxide so you can excrete it – then, you will find that your pet will want to be close to you again.  The pet is a good indicator of how well you are breaking down and methylating the graphene oxide especially.

Put Scheussler’s Combo 12 Tissue Salts 6X in the water dish for your pet. With all meat products – see if they are magnetic – by keeping a magnet. Feed the pet what you eat to the extent that you can. 

Dosage & Potency – Strength Of Homeopathies (Ingredients)

The Homeopathies (Hx) should be medium to high potencies. This is simply the energy of the named substance according to a set scale. For example, Graphite’s 200C or Graphite’s 1M. The diseases of the vaccines are high energy diseases amplified by EMF. To neutralise the energy of these diseases you will need homeopathies in the centesimal or millesimal range of potency.

If the Hx is dispensed in pillules (pills or capsules) – take 3 or 5 pillules for 1 dose.  A homeopathic potency is the energy of a substance that has been extracted and prepared in a Homeopathic laboratory. It does not matter how many pillules or drops you take – 3 pillules, 5 drops in water, 20 pillules – you are still getting the same amount of the energy of the substance.

Hx are most easily prescribed via a dose schedule. For example, a common feature of the motor neurone presentations of this vaccinosis / transmission is an aching pain in the legs, often going down from the hip. A suggested protol would be:


Arnica 200C, Ruta 200C and Bellis-perennis 200C is a good combination (1 dose of each twice a day). Give the first remedy: Arnica 200C.  If it improves the symptoms, do not give Ruta 200C until the benefit of the Arnica 200C starts to wane. Then follow with the next Hx dose.

For example, Arnica 200C at 8 am, Ruta 200C at 9 am, Bellis-perrenis 200C at 10 am.  Repeat sequence in afternoon.

For Motor Neurone pain and symptoms of the hip joint, especially, Bellis perrenis 200C and 1M has helped many. Calc-phos 200C is good to take a few times a week for these hip joint symptoms– eg 1 dose on Monday and Thursday. If the chest becomes congested, rattling with mucous, a cough and painful then Antimonium-tartricum 200C or 1M can be given.

The purpose of this protocol is to prevent and treat the S1 spike of the synthetic protein synthesis of the vaccine, modify and help reverse autoimmunity / altered immunity.  

Ask your doctor exactly what the medical profession can do for Antibody Dependent Enhancement / cytokine storm and autoimmune diseases – indeed everything the FDA has flagged as of concern. Then, if you don’t like the answer, you might want to consider homeopathics as they have helped many people suffering from the diseases on the FDA’s list.

Part Two – Protocols For Symptoms Of The Vaccine Or Transmissions From The Vaccinated 101

Week One

Day 1: Arnica 200C for shock (toxic, neurological, cardiac shock). Take 3 – 5 pillules or drops as soon as possible after the vaccine. Within the hour, take Thuja 1M.

Day 2: Tabacum 6C  – 1 dose in both am and pm. Helps to antidote graphene oxide.

Day 3: Silicea 200C will be indicated as long as there are no surgical pins or plates in the body as the action of Silicea 200C will shift these. – 1 dose.

Could also give Silica 1M for 1 dose later in the day.

Day 4 –  Day 7: Can give Tabacum 6C for 1 dose in the afternoon. Tabacum will help the body to make hydrogen peroxide to break down graphene oxide and methylate it out of the body.  This can be taken every day – 1 or 2 doses. Canabis sativa 12C will do the same.

If there is nausea, especially nausea without vomiting, give Nux-vomica 1M instead of the scheduled Hx for the day. Can give Nux-vomica 1M as needed for nausea or head-ache.

Day 4: Arsenicum album 200C -1 dose am

Day 5: China officinalis 200C -1 dose am

Day 6:  Kali-iod 200C -1 dose am

Day 7: Graphites  200C -1 dose am.

Graphites 200C can bring hard nodules out on the skin in some subjects. Post vaccination these nodules have magnetism (you can stick fridge magnets onto them) and they will ooze the graphene.

Week Two –Repeat Week One.

Week Three

Day 1: Nil scheduled Hx. 

Can use any of the ‘use as needed’ Hx discussed above for days in the Nil scheduled Hx period. Including: Calendula 1M or 10M.  Nux-vomica 1M.  Arnica , Ruta and Bellis-perrenis 200C for motor neurone symptoms – pain, stiffness, paralysis, ataxia especially coming from the hip joint. 

Day 2: Zincum metallicum  200C or 1M – 1 dose

Day 3 – Day 5: Nil

Day 6: Phosphorus 200C or 1M – 1 dose

Day 7: Nil

Week Four

Day 1: Phosphoricum Acidum 200C or 1 M  – 1 dose

Day 2 – Day 3: Nil

Day 4: Mercurius Solubilis 1M -1 dose

Day 5- Day 7: Nil

Week Five and Week Six

These are the weeks of the Nosodes. These are the nosodes of the CoVID vaccines prepared as homeopathic potencies eg Pfizer 1M or A-Z1M. If you are vaxxed take the Hx nosode of your vaccine on the scheduled day for 1 dose.  You will need to contact a Homeopathic pharmacy and/or Homeopath for the correct nosode.

Day 1: Nosode

Day 2 – Day 3: Nil

Day 4: Nnosode

Day 5 – Day 6: Nil

Day 7: Nosode

Week Six

Day 1- Day 2: Nil

Day 3: Nosode

Day 4 – Day 5: Nil

Day 6: Nosode

Day 7: Nil

Week Seven –Repeat Week One.

Week Eight to Week Ten

Repair the Tissue or Cell Salts with carbonates.

Day 1: Nil

Day 2: Sulphur 200C

Day 3: Nil

Day 4: Silicea 200C – 1 dose

Day 5: Nil

Day 6: Calcarea-carbonate 200C  ( 1 dose am)

Day 7: Nil

Week Nine

Day 1: Ferrum-phosphoricum  200C 

Day 2: Calcarea-phosphosphoricum  200C

Day 3: Kali-muriaticum 200C

Day 4: Calcarea-sulphuricum 200C

Day 5: Natrum-sulphuricum  200C

Day 6: Magnesium-sulphuricum 200C

Day 7: Magnesium-phosphoricum  200C

Week Ten

Day 1: Kali-phosphoricum 200C

Day 2: Kali-sulphuricum  200C

Day 3: Kali-muriaticum  200C

Day 4: Natrum-phosphoricum 200C

Day 5: Natrum- muriaticum 200C

Day 6: Calcarea fluorica 200C


Thuja 1M or 10M is one of the primary Hx of vaccinosis – disease of the vaccines.  It can be given throughout the schedule of Ten Weeks as an ‘intercurrent’ on the Nil days. Especially with collapse of energy and inflammatory pain. Also, especially if the sacrum locks up and the hips become rigid and painful to move.

The following sequences are for the symptoms that have been noted for these vaccines:

Motor neurone symptoms: Pain, stiffness, lame in the hips, aching muscles, development disability. 

Give an Hx in this sequence every three hours.  Each Hx is one dose.  

Calcarea Phosphorica  200C,  Arnica 200C, Ruta 200C, Graphites 200C, Causticum 200C, Bellis perenis 200C, and Vanadium 200C.

Legs: Heavy, sharp pain extending downward. Give Plumbum 200C or 1M.

Legs: Paralysis, stiff. Give Lathrys sativa 200C or 1M.

If hips and sacrum lock up: Thuja 10M.

Cardiac – to help the heart: Magnesium sulph 200C, Natrum sulph 200C, Arnica 200C. Also, to assist heart, soak the feet in magnesium sulph (Epsom salts) – the circulation lies very near to the skin on the foot and the blood will take it up if needed through the layers of the skin.

The same is true of iodine.  The best way to take Lugols is to paint it on the skin of the arch of the foot.  If you need the iodine, it will disappear before your eyes.  If not, it will remain on the skin.

For inflammation: Calendula 10M is especially good for nerve inflammation. Take the Dandelion Root infusion. Canabis sativa in mother tincture or in 12C. Tabacum 12 C.

Any of these weeks can be repeated – especially as the six month time frame for the S1 spike protein synthesis and cytokine storm approaches.

Homeopathic pharmacies also stock the 5G nosode – good in any potency as the graphene oxide in the vaccine is a super conductor and interactive with the 5G frequencies.  You can use the Hx nosode of 5G to neutralise the 5G frequency. 

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