Healing Protocols For CoVID & CoVID Jabs(s) Using Homeopathy Pt. 2

If you are forced to take the injection, or think a family member will be coerced to, then 1 hour prior to the injection take Arnica 200C  (1 dose for the toxic shock of the injection ) then Thuja 1M an hour later. See Pt.1

Editor: Please read Part Two in conjunction with Part One. Although there is some overlap there is also additional essential information and links. Click here for the easy-print summary timetable and guide from Part One.

These protocols are compiled by “Team Australia” with the invaluable assistance of Linde, a professional homeopath and natural therapies practitioner who had recently retired from practice. Due the current crisis of health for Australians enduring perpetual lockdowns, totalitarian tyranny, persecution and mandated Injections, Linde came out of retirement to work, once again, with numerous medical and health professionals; Team Australia. Some have left their jobs due to Injection mandates; others are trying to help from within the CoVID Regime. Over the months of the 2021 southern winter they work-shopped together to develop protocols that they were having success with and could share with us all. These protocols are constantly developing as more knowledge comes to hand so please check back for updates.

These protocols were written in Australia and they reflect how the Australian Politburo (National Cabinet formed March 2020) is proceeding with the UN mandates  through the official governments and bureaucracies.

An assessment of your government’s roll-out of the CoVID Regime and agenda will enable you to decide how to best map out your approach.  One of the important questions you will have to answer is: to what extent you can use institutions like hospitals and clinics; to what extent will you have to rely on your own resources.  Perhaps you will have to combine resources effectively. The second issue will be to find medical and health practitioners who are not collaborating with the Communist genocide and its cover-up.  This will pretty much settle the matter of the extent you must rely on your own resources.

The notes and considerations that are part of this protocol will give you information that will assist you to line up your ducks.

For those who have a choice: do not bother with a ‘CoVID diagnosis’ by polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) as it does not diagnosis any disease – it was designed to amplify DNA.  It is not a diagnostic tool.  Of course the emergent Communist world state is building a DNA database.

Feeling A Little Off? Keep a journal

In the following Round Table Discussion Dr. Peter McCullough states that, “early treatment and prophylaxis are the first issues of the disease”. Which are:

[ 1 ] Infection. This is by viral replication of the prions and inflammation in the organs / tissues which are binding them.

[ 2 ]  Micro-clotting of blood /  thrombosis ( The medical term is human agglutination or hemagglutination) This is compounded by the graphene oxide in injected persons.

[ 3 ] Sepsis. The spike proteins are toxic. 

For both Injected and  Non-Injected persons, the goal of any prophylaxis, treatment and / or management will be to slow down the prions and the inflammations / micro-clots and strengthen our innate, durable and broad-spectrum immunity to overcome the disease.

For Injected persons, management of the prion disease will be to prevent an inflammatory cascade becoming medical emergency called ‘cytokine storm‘ with inflammation in multiple organ systems and leading to coagulation (clotting) of blood throughout the circulation .  

The above Round Table discussion includes what these experts regard as best practice treatment for CoVID-19 [the spike protein inflammation, the vaxx / transmission infections and prion diseases] that should be available from the medical clinics and hospitals. Riccardo Bosi interviews:
Dr Paul Alexander – Canadian Health Researcher and former US Department of Health and Human Services
Dr Peter McCullough – US board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology
Dr Judy Wilyman – Independent Informed medical options and health educator
Dr Paul Oosterhuis – Australian Anesthetist at Sydney Southwest Area Health Service

If the medical and hospital system is working for your community, then Dr. McCullough’s remarks are entirely relevant. An acute viral systemic inflammation would be treated in the hospital with an infusion of anti-viral antibodies (mono-clonal antibodies), the standard and well-proven anti-cellular infectives: Ivermectin, Hydroxichloroquine (HCQ). Immune modulators and corticosteroids also have a role to play in the various medical protocols for the acute patients.

However, in Australia, the TGA has banned Ivermectin Sept 10, 2021.  Clinicians face a $13,000 fine for prescribing *Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) since April 2020. And it is banned in Canada as well. All of the therapeutic agents recommended by Dr. McCullough for medically supervised treatment at home using anti-cellular infectives fall into the ‘non-recommended‘ category of the Australian government.

*See below for an easy substitute.

Ivermectin is effective against parasites being found in the injections..

Blood Tests: Determine Your Health Status

There is a medical work-up you can do that will inform an assessment of injury to the circulatory system from any Injections that have mRNA technology.  The following tests will also assist your Homeopath/Doctor in assessment of any protocol you are using to reverse vaccination damage.

D-Dimer Test: Having a simple D-Dimer blood test will establish whether or not micro-clotting is present.

Homocysteine Test: A homocysteine test measures the amount of homocysteine in your blood. Homocysteine is a type of amino acid, a chemical your body uses to make proteins.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test: A blood test marker for inflammation in the body. 

Complete Blood Count: A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test. It gives your provider information about your blood and overall health.

Prothrombin time (PT): Along with its derived measures of prothrombin ratio (PR) and international normalized ratio (INR) are used to determine the clotting tendency of blood

Fibrinogen activity test: Fibrinogen is a blood plasma protein that’s made in the liver and is one of 13 coagulation factors responsible for normal blood clotting.

Sed rate: Is a blood test that can reveal inflammatory activity in your body.

SARS-CoV-2 Antibody, IgG, Spike: Qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to help identify individuals who have been exposed to the virus.

If the medical and health system is working along the lines of the Hippocratic Oath – it would be meeting all of Dr. MacCullough’s checklist of diagnostics and therapy. In Australia and other Western states, doctors who insist upon tests like the D Dimer and attempt to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxichloroquine are being fired and struck off the medical registers.  

This constitutes a problem for you and your family.

And this is why you have to get your ducks in row.  It is important to find practitioners both medical and alternate and clinicians  who are not collaborating with the Covidian Cult.

In Australia and in many nations, the proven anti-virals are now illegal. In nations like the US, the mandated pharmaceutical: Remdesivir is the gateway drug to intubation and ventilation. This is the assembly line to  CoVID mortality due to ventilation with micro-clotting in the lung.  In the UK it is the same story with the Yellow Card mandated: Midazolam

Inflammation and micro-clotting are the main issues of the CoVID disease to be addressed. The goal will always be to remain out of the hands of the CoVID Regime. 

Prophylaxis – Hx You Can Make At Home Or Buy Easily

There are many ways to use Nutraceutical and Naturopathic combinations with prophylaxis / treatment – the B vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin D at least 5,000 iu daily, Vitamin C ascorbic acid. Pomegranite and Grapefruit juice help to cleanse the vascular system. There are many such protocols.

  • Hydrogen peroxide (HP) neublization
  • Ozonators
  • Ultraviolet blood radiation
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Ionized air and water

The way I take Grapefruit juice every day is to hand juice 1 grapefruit.  Into the blender – blend the fresh pulp of Aloe Vera with organic green Coconut water. Pour into a glass – add both the Grapefuit juice and Quinine.  [A few Cannabis Sativa leaves are good blended in as well. ]

HCQ Substitute: Get Quinine from Grapefruit.Quinine can be made in the kitchen with a crock pot. It isn’t HCQ, but it will do. 

How to Make Dandelion Tea from Dried Root

Making Dandelion Root tincture Medicinal herbs (see protocol below for dosage):

Can also make canabis sativa tincture using the above method.

For pain and inflammation:

Wild Lettuce Extract

This black paste is especially good on joints.

Foodgrade Hydrogen Peroxide in a 3% solution can be nebulized with a nebulizer and spacer for shortness of breath.

Just as good is a proper steam vaporizer with an anti-viral like Tee Tree Oil or Sage essential oil in the tray.  If you have a coffee machine that makes lots of steam – coffee is a broncho- dilator.

Organic non-irradiated Hawthorn berries can be prepared as a decoctation – ¼ cup boiled in a small saucepan of filtered water.  This can be used to infuse leaves like Green tea, Dandelion root / leaf , Mugwort, St. John’s wort. Hawthorn berries are usually grown in hedges around racing stables and are put in the feed of race horses to improve the contractability of the heart.

Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) in extract can help to dissolve clots in the blood. This can be purchased commercially.

Witch Hazel extract helps dissolve blood clots.

For those treating and being treated at home: Dr. McCulllugh recommends 1% solution dilute Povidone Iodine up to every 4 hours with oral and nasal washes. Very effective in reducing viral load.  Also he recommends a nutriceutical package. See above Round Table video.

Pets and Animals – Case Example

It is best to keep a pet.  Animals are extremely sensitive to energies – to EMF and the blood resonance of the vaccinated.  If you are vaccinated note in your journal if your pet is avoiding you.  The pet may even exhibit the same symptoms you have. If the treatment protocol is working – that is,  reversing the prion vaccinosis (disease of the vaccine) and helping your tissues to make H2O2 to break down graphene oxide so you can excrete it – then, you will find that your pet will want to be close to you again. 

The pet is a good indicator of how well you are breaking down and methylating the graphene oxide especially.  Better than a medical test actually.

Schuessler’s Combo 12 tissue salts are excellent as a general tonic for both you and your pet, place 6x in the water dish for your pets. They are available from most health food stores. 

Tested and proven over 200 years!

For your pet, put one tablet in the water dish.  Feed the pet what you eat to the extent that you can – the pet will show signs and symptoms from food that is being made toxic. 

One of the first families that I visited had a working member of the family injected with CoVID. 

He claimed to be just fine, no symptoms, nothing to see here.  I did not call around to see him anyway.  I had come to his house to see one of the family members who had never been well since the Shingles 10 years ago.  And the week of his injection, she had started to get the Shingles neuralgia again and it was quite severe. 

While I was there I saw the family dog – an elderly pet – had (in the same time frame) become disabled and could barely walk.  The dog coughed constantly (short of breath) and could no longer jump up on the couch and watch tv with the working family member which he had always done.  Couldn’t or wouldn’t? 

I was not the only one to note the dog would not let the vaccinated person near him. But then, he  would sit at a distance and cry  for his human. Yet when the injected man went to pick up the dog it would try to get away.  When I saw that dog, I thought to myself ‘that dog is picking up on the prion transmission’.  So I started treating the dog for CoVID just using the Homeopathic tissue salts in 200C.  [ I have included this protocol ].  To be honest I did not have much hope for the dog – but he recovered.  When his human, the working family member who got the A-Z Injection in April 2021 became symptomatic and got on the Protocol – the dog once again, would jump up on the couch and watch tv with him. 

Linda, Homeopath, Team Australia

Some meat products are showing signs of magnetism at room temperature.  Note – Graphene Oxide becomes super conductive at the temperature of the human body.  When meat thaws out – see if it is magnetic – then avoid it!

Standing The Test Of Time: The Homeopathic
Prophylaxis Protocols & Doses Guide

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that began in Germany over two hundred years ago.  Treatments are prescribed on the similarity of the symptoms that a given substance will provoke in a person who is asymptomatic for any disease. These are called ‘provings’.  Prescribing in this way is like fighting fire with fire and is the effective way to prescribe the energies of substances. 

For example, as every gardener knows, the sap or succus of calendula officinalis (common marigold) will provoke inflammations on a person who is asymptomatic. Using the principle of  fighting fire with fire, Calendula will cure inflammations. So powerful an anti-inflammatory is Calendula officinalis that British surgeons used it on combat wounds in WW I – both in mother tincture and homeopathic potencies.  

Homeopathy used in these protocols is given in both mother tincture and potency. The tinctures are made in alcohol – spirits with above 50% ABV will be needed eg : a good vodka. Homeopathic potencies must be obtained from a homeopathic pharmacy or a practitioner. A potency is the energy of a given substance. These are given in bold and are designated:  Hx.  One dose is 3 or 5 drops or pillules under the tongue.

The homeopathic potency is prepared from a given substance in a laboratory by a process of dilution with distilled water and succussion (energizing the solution). The number after the name of the homeopathic designates the potency, the letter designates the scale of potency.  For example, Calendula officinalis 200C is : the substance – calendula (the marigold flower and its sap) ; the number 200 gives the number of times for each graduation  in dilution and succussion ; C is the scale of potency – centessimal. A number like 200C  has nothing to do with scheduled dose.

Dandelion Root in Mother Tincture

The dandelion root has shown to have effect in preventing spike protein from binding the ACE2 receptors of cells. As the weather turns cold in the autumn of Northern Hemisphere, now is the time to dig up the dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale). Preserve in spirits eg vodka above 50 % Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Homeopathic pharmacies use ethanol for tinctures, but if you are making your own dandelion root tincture, spirits with above 50% ABV will do.  To use prophylactically: Once a day take 10 drops from the Dandelion Root M.T. and drop into 30 ml filtered water.

You can also decoct fresh Dandelion Root with filtered water in a saucepan. Boil it for at least five minutes. Use the boiling water to make an infusion with the leaves of St. John’s Wort, Papaya leaf, Green Tea, stinging nettle or any bitter green leaf.

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana (American witch hazel or common witch hazel) preserved in mother tincture will help to dissolve clots in the blood. To use prophylactically: take 10 drops of tincture to 30 ml filtered water once a day.

Aspirin will help to thin the blood.  So will Gingko Biloba. These are not to betaken if you are taking pharmaceutical blood thinners eg Coumadin.

The elderly and those with chronic medical conditions which rob them of  vitality will not be able to take the higher homeopathic potencies. They can take the naturopathy as above and the homeopathic tincture. They should take homeopathic potencies in medium potency of  200C. And they can repeat the dose rather than just taking the 1 dose.

For those who are young or in mid-life or persons who are generally healthy / energetic – you can use the following Homeopathics in 1M or 10M potency against prion replication.

For example, persons who basically are healthy, working / living with the Injected but getting symptoms of prion transmission use the following prophylactic

Monday:  Hx : Thuja occidentalis 1M  ( 1 dose = 3 pillules or drops under the tongue).

The elderly and those with conditions that rob them of vitality can take Thuja occidentalis 200C for 1 dose in the morning and 1 dose in the afternoon.

Wednesday:  Hx : Silicea 200C ( 1 dose )  [ note Silicea should not be taken if there are surgical pins or plates in the body ]

Monday – Wednesday in the afternoon take 1 dose of Hamamelis virginiana  30C to help dissolve micro-clots. Can also take on the week-ends eg in the afternoon.

Thursday and Friday : Hx : Arnica 200C [1 dose in morning] and Arsenicum-album 200C [1 dose in afternoon]

If feeling run down on Saturday, especially if glands are swollen: Hx :  Mercurius solubilis 1M [ 1 dose ]. For the elderly and those with chronic conditions that rob them of vitality take Mercurius solubilis 200C  for 1 dose in the morning and 1 dose in the afternoon.

On the weekends can take Kali-phosphoricum  200C (1 dose) and Kali-muriaticum 200C (1dose) in the afternoons for improved energy and recovery from the week’s demands. These Hx also help to resolve any agglutination in the blood.

Protocol for Symptomatics

In these schedules, the same homeopathics (as above) are used more aggressively for symptomatic persons. For elderly persons and those with conditions of low vitality / general poor health,  if they become symptomatic, they can take.

Monday and Wednsday : Hx : Thuja 200C ( 1 dose in the morning)

Tuesday: Hx : Silicea 200C ( 1 dose in the morning ) – do not take Silicea  if you have surgical pins or plates in the body

Thursday and Saturday: Hx : Mercurius solubilis 200C ( 1 dose in the morning )

Homeopathics That Can Be Added For Specific Symptoms / Signs:


Carbo-vegetabilis 200C ( 1 dose is 3 pillules or 3 drops under the tongue )


Take the following Hx an hour apart throughout the afternoon: Graphites 200C  (1 dose ),  Arnica montana  200C  ( 1 dose ).  Arsenicum-album 200C ( 1 dose ) Bellis perennis 200C ( 1 dose ) Vanadium 200C ( 1 dose ).

Calendula officinalis 200C for nerve pain as needed.  Could go up to Calendula 1M if needed.

Nux-vomica 200C ( start with 1 dose – may need to repeat ) for gastritis, gastric reflux, nausea – usually the abdomen is swollen. You can hear the sound of stomach gases moving through the intestines (borborygmi). There may be a persistant cough due to gastric distress / shortness of breath. 


Take Apis mellifica 200C ( 1 dose every day ) will help to dissolve clots.  See also Hamamelis extract above in Naturopathy section also.

Recommended reading: Deep Vein Thrombosis Cured by Homeopathy: a Case Report

For Symptomatics Who Can Take the Higher Potencies

Monday, Wed and FridayThuja occidentalis 10M ( 1 dose in the am on each day )

Tuesday : Hx : Silicea 200C ( 1 dose ). Note Silicea should not be taken if there are surgical pins or plates in the body.

Thursday and Saturday : Hx : Mercurius solubilis 1M (1 dose in the am on each day.)

Saturday afternoon and Sunday : Hx : Kali-phos 200C  ( 1 dose ) and Kali-mur 200C ( 1 dose )

For Adaptations see above notes:  Homeopathics that can be added for specific symptoms / signs.

Neuralgia and Nerve Inflammation (Neuritis) – Nerve pain: Itching and Burning

Hx:  Calendula 1M or 10M can be taken as needed for these pains.  As an example, Calendula 10M almost instantly relieves the pain of Herpes Zoster Virus (HZV – Shingles) for hours.

Gastritis, gastric reflux, nausea as above  –  Nux-vomica 1M ( 1 dose )

Homeopathic Tissue Salt Protocol

For those who are using prophylaxis and for those who are symptomatic, it is good to do a month just of the tissue or cell salts with Calcarea iodatum 200C .  If you are injected with CoVID, you can take a homeopathic nosode of the vaxx itself in potency ( eg Pfizer 200C ) during this month For example, if you were injected with Moderna, take the nosode Moderna 200C for 1 dose twice a week on a ‘Nil’ day during Weeks One, Three and Four. 

Homeopathic pharmacies also stock the 5G nosode – good in any potency as the graphene oxide in the vaccine is a super conductor and interactive with the 5G frequencies.  You can use the Hx nosode of 5G to neutralise the 5G frequency.

Week One

Day 1: Nil

Day 2: Sulphur 200C

Day 3: Nil

Day 4: Silicea 200C – 1 dose

Day 5: Nil

Day 6: Calcarea-carbonate  200C  ( 1 dose am)

Day 7: Nil

Week Two

Day 1: Ferrum-phosphoricum  200C 

Day 2: Calcarea-phosphosphoricum  200C

Day 3: Calcarea iodatum  200C

Day 4: Calcarea-sulphuricum  200C

Day 5: Natrum-sulphuricum  200C

Day 6: Magnesium-sulphuricum  200C

Day 7: Magnesium-phosphoricum  200C

Week Three

Day 1: Nil

Day 2: Kali-sulphuricum  200C

Day 3: Kali-muriaticum  200C

Day 4: Nil

Day 5: Natrum-muriaticum  200C

Day 6: Calc-fluorica 200C

Day 7: Nil

Week Four

Day 1: Kali-phosphoricum 200C

Day 2:  Natrum-phosphoricum 200C

Day 3:  Nil

Day 4: Kali-phosphoricum 200C

Day 5:  Calcarea-phophoricum 200C

Day 6: Nil. 

If You Are Injected

1 hour prior to injection: Arnica 200C  (1 dose for the toxic shock of the injection ). 

If you are elderly or have a chronic condition with poor health generally and low vitality take Thuja  occidentalis 200C (1 dose) as soon as possible after injection.  You can repeat this dose on the following day.

For others : Thuja occidentalis 10M ( 1 dose ) as soon as possible after the Injection.  If no adverse reaction and otherwise you have no symptoms of the prions – follow the Prophylaxis Protocol and adapt it according to what helps you.  

Cupping Therapy is a powerful detox therapy.

As soon as soon as possible, even on the day of the injection, cup the injection site.

This is a sterile procedure requiring sterile equipment, sterile dressings and gloves.  Ideally to be done by one of those clinicians who have been fired from their job at the hospital. They have good and steady hands.  They can do punctures and are OK with blood.  They have a frontline kit, sterile dressings, equipment etc.

Swab the injected area with antiseptic.  With a sterile glass cup , cup the site of the injection.  Cupping will cause the injection site to form into a bolus or  hardened lump on the skin.  Remove cupping glass.  Swab the site and make micro punctures as in pricking the finger for a blood smear. The blood will be very dark or black and slow to bleed. This is the Graphene Oxide. Put the cupping glass back over the injection lump. Insert an empty syringe into the stem of the cup and draw the air out. (Or better yet use cupping vacuum machine). The black blood will bleed freely and then the red arterial blood will come – washing out the site. Reswab. When the cup is tipped up you will see dark / black blood that is heavy and partially coagulated.  Watch below, it forms a single, thick clot in the cup. WTF?  Whatever this is dispose of it as bio-hazard. You do not want it flowing into your circulation. (Mirrored here)

This demonstration was given 30 mins after the Injection.

Graphene Oxide Protocol

For those who have been injected, run this protocol every six weeks to help you methylate and break down the graphene oxide. Just take a break from whatever protocol you are running – wait 2 or 3 days and then take this Homeopathics for a week – just for the graphene oxide. Then wait 2 or 3 days at the end and resume, for example your homeopathics for Symptomatics. 

If you are doing this on your own, the homeopathics will guid you in the management. You will find that some Hx help more than others.  You will note how long benefit lasts and you will be able to work with the Hx and put them together.

Day 1: Arnica montana  200C ( 1 dose in the morning) ; Arsenicum-album 200C ( 1 dose in the afternoon )

Day 2: Tabacum 6C  – 1 dose in both am and pm. Helps to antidote graphene oxide.

Day 3: Silicea 200C will be indicated as long as there are no surgical pins or plates in the body as the action of Silicea 200C will shift these. – 1 dose.

Could also give Silicea 1M or 1 dose later in the day.

Day 4 –  Day 7: Can give Tabacum 6C for 1 dose in the afternoon. Tabacum will help the body to make hydrogen peroxide to break down graphene oxide and methylate it out of the body.  This can be taken every day – 1 or 2 doses. Canabis sativa 12C will do the same.

If there is nausea, especially nausea without vomiting, give Nux-vomica 1M instead of the scheduled Hx for the day. Can give Nux-vomica 1M as needed for nausea or head-ache.

Day 4: Arsenicum album 200C -1 dose am

Day 5: China officinalis 200C -1 dose am

Day 6Kali-iod 200C -1 dose am

Day 7: Graphites  200C -1 dose am.

Graphites 200C can bring hard nodules out on the skin in some subjects. Post vaccination these nodules have magnetism (you can stick fridge magnets onto them) and they will ooze the graphene.


The greatest concern many doctors, scientists and professional Homeopaths have is the unknown alteration of an individual’s immune system after receiving these Injections. Consequently, these protocols include preventative and restorative measures to avert terrible effects such as the inflammatory cascade of cytokine storm come the next flu season.

Remember, no-one, not you, not your doctor or the government can legally be told exactly what is in the Injections. The government websites refer to them not as ‘vaccines’ but as ‘medical experiments’. The viral protein sequences and synthesis of these vaccines are trade secrets. We do not know what these biotech S1 spike protein synthesis sequences code for.

There are no answers at the back of the book. No matter what happens or who dies, even common sense and best effort may be better than a hospital protocol that increasingly appears to be calculated to kill you and cover it up. 

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