State of Emergency Forever in Victoria Australia Under Dictator Dan Andrews

Editor: Is Australia the canary in the mine? Is Big Pharma’s dream of an entrapped population of 6 Million forced to have perpetual “Booster” Injections being realized?

Here is a basic summary of the shocking total ‘Kontrol’ Bill followed by a discussion. Note, if the Bill fails this time… will they give up? No. They ran with 2 weeks to flatten the curve, to enjoy nearly 2 years of perpetual lockdowns to then demand total permanent power at a level that Stalin would approve of. The fact they dared push and rush this Bill forward shows how deep in the clutches of dictatorial control Australians already are.

This video is also mirrored on Bitchute here.

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Resources Richard Riordan MP spoke to us today on the outrageous dictatorial powers Daniel Andrews is forcing through parliament.

[Ed. He also mentions the government and police inspecting footage of his constituents visiting his office to identify them and issue $2,000 fines!]

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