‘Something doesn’t add up’: Priest gives Powerful Sermon Against COVID-19 Injection Mandates

It’s not a choice between Communism, extreme Capitalism, Totalitarianism or acquiescence in the face of F.E.A.R. i.e. false expectations appearing real.

“Overall, 99.7 percent of people will survive COVID-19,”

“We might be bullied into something that we don’t choose, for motives we don’t fully understand with safety compromises that we don’t fully accept,” Fr. Dufner said. “We have to remember” that individual dignity is at stake.

Fr. Thomas Dufner points out that nurses who have worked throughout the ‘pandemic’ are now being fired for not taking the injection(s) they did not need for almost two years and, despite being on the ‘frontline’, do not want (especially after witnessing the adverse reactions)… Something does not add up!

via LifeSite News

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