QLD Australia Demand State Employees Sign Away Their Right to Life for mRNA Jabs or No Job

Editor: For fascinating context, this is Queensland’s Chief Health Officer,
Dr John Gerrard.

via Cairnsnews by Jim O’Toole

The Queensland Labor corporation has demanded state public servants sign away their Human Rights to life for the mandatory jab(s) or get sacked for refusing.

The Queensland Labor Party has demanded public servants relinquish their right to life to keep their jobs which many thousands say is a ‘bridge too far.’

In one of the most outlandish documents ever seen by Cairnsnews, employees have been given the choice to sign up or ship out:


Extract from the draft document:

‘This document sets out the consideration of the impact (limitations) on human rights of a decision to require vaccination and to implement other controls to manage / mitigate the risk of COVID-19.
For the reasons that follow, it is considered the such a decision (as reflected in the department’s (draft) COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure and Vaccination requirements for a is compatible with human rights.’

‘Human rights that are affected
☒ Right to equality and non-discrimination (section 15)

☒ Right to life (section 16)

☒ Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
(section 17)

Section 16
A vaccination mandate, theoretically, may impact on a person’s right to life due to the potential for adverse side effect from vaccination, however the risk of such a severe reaction is extremely low.
Section 17
A vaccination mandate and the potential consequences that flow may be considered to impact on the right to full, free and informed consent for medical treatment if perceived that such a mandate effectively limits choice because of a potential for termination of employment.’

There it is readers. Now we know why there has been such an exodus of public servants in Queensland. No employee or any sane person would agree to handing away their lives to a communist state or any other entity. This is why 29,504 teachers have gone, 2000 or more police have been sacked and up to 900 ambulance staff have left the left wallowing in the biggest mess that this state has seen since federation.

We have been told out of 147 full time police officers in Mackay, only 37 remain.

Food supplies have been decimated because of a lack of staff, deservedly at Woolworths and Coles, and their shelves cannot be filled. The sheeples have not helped themselves with one Far Northern IGA store reporting two pallets of toilet paper disappearing in 3 hours.

The subliminal messages from television and its subsequent stupor has conditioned at least one half of the population to buy toilet paper. What will these feeble minded dupes do when the next subliminal order will be to get your young children jabbed with a deadly toxin or they won’t be allowed to attend school?

It has already started, albeit not in earnest yet but the TV virus will keep infecting the minds of stupid and irresponsible parents who have not done one bit of investigation into the probable terminal effects of the experimental mRNA spike proteins on kids.

And they should know they won’t get this information from the grubberment or the medical mafia that is the Australian Medical Association.

We really do have a plandemic of the vaccinated.

Editor: Here is the state’s Chief Medical Officer again:

He said ‘that if are you unvaccinated you are 9 times more likely to end up in a Queensland Hospital than if you are triple vaxxed’. The Chief medical Officer did not mention the double vaxxed because more of them are in hospital than the not injected. Clever deceptive language, because those with the 3rd injection are few – therefore hardly a good comparison to the many unvaccinated…


Meanwhile, the Public Health Scotland (PHS) data shows:

New data from the health authority in Scotland shows that infection and hospitalization with COVID-19 is more likely among those who have received at least one shot of a COVID jab than those who have not received any of the shots, and that death following a double dose is much more likely than without having had any shots.


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  1. gino says:

    That Queensland Cheif Medical Officer is hard to watch. He looks creepy.
    He also needs to work on his dishonesty skills. He is a clumsy liar.
    I dont trust him before he opens his mouth and I certainly dont trust him while he is talking.

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