Professor Nikolai Petrovsky – Vaccine Adverse Events, Mandates & Secrecy in Australia

Oct 22, 2021

Australian Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is the Director of Endocrinology (Flinders Medical Centre), Professor of Medicine (Flinders University), Vice President of the International Immunomics Society, Founder of Vaxine and the creator of COVAX-19 and Spikogen.

[Editor: He also discusses how natural immunity from past infection is superior to any injection on the market. So forcing them to have an injection for a passport makes “no scientific sense”.]

He joins us for the second time in the follow up interview to discuss the progress of his traditional protein vaccine (COVAX-19/Spikogen), the medical ethics of mandating vaccines, a comparison of vaccine types, concerns with mRNA and adenoviral vector vaccines, vaccine adverse event incidence rates, and the scientific errors being made by politicians conflating community protection with individual protection.

[This interview is mirrored on Bitchute here.]

As a vaccine creator, Professor Petrovsky is very vocal on his LinkedIn account against the mandating of vaccines, especially with no scientific justification. Some may miss parts in this interview where he nonchalantly drops bombshells regarding his now approved protein vaccines. It may be the case that we have successfully created a traditional vaccine, right here in Australia, that completely outperforms the major products on the market today AND has a significantly lower adverse event rate.

As data is released showing the performance of his and other competitor protein vaccines (such as NovaVax) it will raise a sticky questions for Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt MP:

1. Why has the Australian government refused to engage with Australian vaccine creators?

2. Why has CSL refused to cooperate with Australian vaccine companies?

3. What are in those secret commercial contracts with Pfizer et al?

4. Are there clauses that prevent competition and consideration of products that are actually safer for the Australian population?

Editor: If you are questioning why we should listen to what a vaccine creator and manufacturer has to say, keep in mind we’re forced to obey financial-vaccine-Big Tech industry that is Mr Gates.

Interview Timestamp Notes:

2:04 Should people be concerned about current Covid-19 vaccines?

7:07 Why mandates are not scientifically justified.

10:37 The transmissibility of Covid-19/Sars-Cov2

13:02 Current vaccines won’t get us ‘back to normal’

15:50 Current vaccines do not provide community benefits, only individual benefits

18:59 CSL refuses to cooperate with Australian vaccine creators

23:07 Big pharma has zero liability

26:49 Liability waivers are given selectively

30:13 Government contracts are shrouded in secrecy

33:16 The mass silencing of concerned individuals in Australia

36:32 The silence from medical professional associations

38:54 The government is downplaying vaccine adverse events

44:42 What are normal rates of adverse events from traditional vaccines?

48:48 Should children be vaccinated against Covid-19?

55:53 What is the COVAX-19 vaccine?

59:30 What happened in the clinical trials?

1:02:24 COVAX-19 phase 3 trial data compared to the other vaccines

1:04:03 COVAX-19 approved and rolling out now

1:05:26 Will COVAX-19 be approved in western countries?

1:07:27 The science behind COVAX-19

1:08:15 MRNA vaccines vs protein-based vaccines

1:13:05 Adjuvants used in COVAX-19

1:14:16 Will COVAX-19 need boosters?

1:16:22 BREAKING: Sterilising immunity of COVAX-19

1:20:19 What about natural immunity?

1:25:27 Making your voice heard to defend democracy

1:28:27 The pandemic has exposed failing systems worldwide


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