President of Bayer Admits CoVID mRNA Injection is Cellular Gene Therapy 95% Would Refuse

Stefan Oelrich of Germany’s biggest pharmaceutical company Bayer admits that the CoVID injection is an mRNA cellular gene-therapy [i.e. an experimental gene-altering toxin]. He also states that the ONLY reason that people have accepted taking such a therapy [toxin] is because of the CoVID narrative that has been fed to them by the media!

These injections are so lethal (see autopsy report below) that Mandates are necessary. Big Pharma, Big Gov and Big Business from the WEF crowd are colluding to force these injections on everyone including babies and pregnant women with horrific results.

Dr. Ryan Cole of White Coat Summit Asks ‘Where are the Covid-19 Vaccinated Autopsies?’

The first Covid-19 vaccinated patient’s autopsy garnered surprising results. From Splinters of Reality in Spain:

The first autopsy of a person vaccinated against Covid-19 revealed that viral RNA was found in almost every organ in the body. Although the vaccine triggered an immune response, it did not prevent the virus from entering the entire body 24 days after application.

The antibodies generated did not stop the infection, confirming its irrelevance for immunization purposes, since, according to a Japan study , we now know that spike S1 protein is the one causing the damage.

An infectious disease specialist at a New Jersey hospital was consulted about what the autopsy raised. The first thing he asked was to remain anonymous: “They cannot quote me by name, the hospital will fire me if they do.” After being assured that his identity would not be revealed, he commented:

“People think that only a minority of people suffer adverse effects from the vaccine. This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body.

That mRNA was supposed to stay at the injection site and it is not. That means that the spike proteins created by the mRNA will also be in all organs, and we now know that it is the spike proteins that cause the damage.

Worse still, the viral RNA found in all organs despite a vaccine indicates that the vaccine is not working at all, and that it is potentiating the virus, because of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which means it actually spreads faster in vaccinated people.

Listen to Dr Cole’s full presentation here.

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  1. Olga says:

    MIT has found a way to store va99ine records just under the skin to prove va99ine compliance, using a quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a vaccine, by a microneedle patch. The dye, which is invisible to the naked eye, can be read later using a specially adapted smartphone.


    It can come in the mail or by FedEx, etc. You can put it on yourself like a band-aid.

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