NZD SOS: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science

We are an independent collection of experienced NZ registered real-world medical experts. We question the team of 120 politicians exploiting fear and division. We disagree with their assumptions and their actions. We question politicians’ disdain for the long established fundamentals of health and medicine. We question taxpayer-funded promotion of biased experts. We decline the authorities’ single source of half truths. With authorities inadequately representing the overall health interests of NZ, we are pursuing strategies to provide legal/medical body alternatives.

Visit their Covid-19 Help Clinic for Vaccine Injured and Vaccine Exemption Assessment assistance.

Above: Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc, RSHDipPHI explains the actual exemption rights of New Zealanders, advice for how to handle police, the Bill of Rights Act and why she is proposing Casey’s Law. Casey is a young woman who has been severely harmed by the Covid injection the government insists New Zealanders have. Having done what PM Jacinda Ardern asked of her, Casey has now been abandoned.


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