‘New Normal’: 1001 Excuses for Heart Attacks Never Needed Before the CoVID Clot Shots

THE NEW NORMAL: 1001 reasons why you could have a heart attack… and it has nothing to do with the safe vaccines, trust us.

Editor: Appreciation to HealthyFree for assistance with the many MSM links promoting heart attacks, among others, as New Normal illnesses and causes of death.

Is the Media Programming Us to Normalize Strokes & Heart Attacks in Children and Young Adults?

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I’ve noticed several disturbing instances of predictive programming the past few days.

Check out these images circulating around social media from public ads and mainstream media articles:

What’s going on here? Why weren’t we told about these ‘rare occurrences’ before?

Notice the peculiar timing.

This barrage of ads and articles comes during two pivotal events unfolding right now.

1. The rollout of boosters in the United States & UK (possibly many other countries)

2. The FDA’s approval for COVID-19 jabs for children ages 5-11

If you’ve paid attention to the UK public data, the majority of COVID-19 deaths & hospitalizations occur in fully vaccinated individuals.

Watch this clip from Alex Berenson:

Article: “Why the sudden onslaught of stories telling the public about cold weather heart attacks and blood clots?  Could it be because the people who have been pushing the COVID vaccines already know that one of the effects of the “jab” is blood clots which lead to heart attacks and strokes, even in healthy children as young as seven (7) years old?”

The Insanity Excuse for the ‘New Normal’ Epidemic of Heart Disease:

JAMA shill and assistant professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School claims SEVERE Covid vaccine injuries are just “bio-psychosocial” problems in people’s heads 

Extract from Natural News

 In the latest bid to discredit any blame for Covid vaccines causing serious and life-threatening injuries, authors now claim in a JAMA opinion piece that the China Flu jabs may be causing a neuropsychiatric disorder called FND (Functional Neurological Disorder). The FND theory would explain why perfectly healthy people get the Fauci flu shot and then can’t walk right anymore and have severe muscle spasms all day, including tremors and facial spasms.

In other words, it’s all in their heads, these vaccine injury “victims” and it’s a disorder that the authors of the paper say can be treated by health care professionals having conversations with parents to help them understand their child has a mental disorder all of a sudden, and it’s not caused by the vaccine.

The so-called “bio-psychosocial” disorder can be treated with “education, physical rehabilitation, and psychotherapy” – because getting vaccinated is an “emotional” event, much like a head injury or surgery, according to the FND researchers. It’s all published in the latest JAMA Neurology Viewpoint, because that’s all it is, is a viewpoint…

According to neurological disorder “experts,” the Covid-19 vaccines may “precipitate the development” of FND, the neuropsychiatric disorder that mentally causes people to lose control of their limbs, have gait problems, jerky movements, facial spasms and tremors. In other words, it’s all mental from the scare of getting the gene therapy injections, but physical symptoms are more or less an end result of the psychological trauma.

Perez goes on to explain FND and how the victims may be making the pandemic worse. “The spread of these videos could fuel vaccine hesitancy by giving an overly simplistic impression of potential links between the vaccine and major neurological symptoms.” Wait, there’s more. He claims, “Instead, these are symptoms of a real, brain-based disorder that sits at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry.” It’s a brain-based disorder and none of the symptoms are directly caused by vaccines, is the message here.

Continue reading.

The Too Slow Excuse for the ‘New Normal’ Epidemic of Heart Disease Deaths:

Where is King Zuckerberg’s straight jacket?

Facebook King Zuckerberg Is An “Anti-Vaxxer” When It Comes To His Body, His Choice

Meanwhile, Twitter – the bastion of science – notes a key American Heart Association science paper as an “unsafe link”. Why? Because it shows that mRNA “vaccines” cause heart damage. Read the abstract: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning

As discussed previously on Neutralize Naturally, science journals, scientists, doctors and vaccines experts, and vaccine researchers, even the inventor of mRNA bio-engineering and Big Pharma are all stating clearly: the CoVID “vaccines” are NOT traditional vaccines and dangerous. In fact, never has this gene altering mRNA type of “vaccine” been used on a mass scale nor undergone the rigors of normal vaccine human trials.

To ridicule to the victims of these clot shots as having mental disorders while Big Pharma corporations like Pfizer are making obscene profits with absolute immunity is criminal. Would Bill Gates be honest or insane enough to risk his 1400% return on vaccine investments just before 7+ billion people are to be double jabbed then triple jabbed then given endless “boosters”?

Not Insane? An FDA Panelist Demands The Approval of CoVID Shots for 5 Year Olds To Test Them

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.”

The FDA and Pfizer’s Conflict$ of Interests are insanely blatant. The CoVID-19, testing and vaccine patents and their conflicts of interests with Fauci among others are also insanely blatant.

Not Insane? “We are mandating a vaccine where there is no scientific evidence that it has ever saved a single life”

Steve Kirsch: “As the BMJ [a journal published by the British Medical Association] noted today, we will NEVER have that evidence because the vaccine makers are structuring the trials to avoid proving an all-cause mortality benefit since they know it is negative.”

Are the unprecedented number of miscarriages also the result of a mass mental disorder appearing overnight?

82% to 91% of pregnant women will suffer miscarriages if their unborn child is less than 20 weeks old”.

Amputees Due to a Mental Disorder? Former Taekwondo World Champion’s Leg “Exploded” 1 Month After Receiving AstraZeneca Vaccine

There is no good news about the CoVID “vaccines”. They not only fail as a vaccine to prevent the spread of the “virus” and continuous lockdowns even in the most vaxxed region in the world, they are sending the “vaccinated” into the ICU – not the “un-vaxed” lepers known as Mutewba’s.

Please watch The Testimonies Project Giving Voices To People Harmed By The Covid Injections from Israel, it is an excellent production. Then decide for yourself, if any of these people are insane. Or disabled due to normal winter weather or because emergency first response was too slow. Or is it simply that we are witnessing the “New Normal” for CoVID Vaxxed injuries and deaths?

If you are CoVID Jab injured, you are not alone, please check our links to resources and support groups here. Thousands of people are trying to reach out to offer you and your family community and support. Thousands more are trying to help heal some of the harm with natural and allopathic remedies. There is always hope.

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