My Free Doctor – Early Treatment for CoVID with Dr Ben Marble Online

MyFreeDoctor is a nondenominational Christian Faith Based Organization whose mission is to deliver Free Doctor visits to those in need consistent with Christian values. If you understand that since 2020 hospitals have transformed patients into prisoners based on CoVID incentive payments and rigid treatment protocols, then My Free Doctor maybe your saving grace.

Dr. Ben Marble created a free online COVID-19 treatment platform for Americans where he and his team have successfully treated over 150,000 people. His patients have a 99.99% survival rate.

This has now expanded to being able to treat patients for multiple illnesses via a Telehealth service, with the aim to extend this globally to help more people through a complete health system reform.

Dr Marble is looking for more doctors to join his network which is building a parallel medical system that serves the patient, not profit
obsessed Administrators of a broken system. Dr Marble is looking for medical and technical experts that can help take MyFreeDoctor globally. As more countries seek to deny treatment and care to those who refuse to take the Clot Shots and endless boosters – MyFreeDoctor could be a blessing.

Maria Zeee Interviews Dr Ben Marble

Editor: At the 32:00 minute mark Dr Marble makes an important point. Despite seeing the serious harm of the CoVID Clot Shots, doctors are reluctant to stop recommending them because they do not want to get sued or fired.

At the 42:00 minute mark he also explains that we will need parallel systems for blood banks and organ donations to protect the UNVACCINATED a.k.a. Pure Bloods.

Dr. Ben Marble says that people have been injected with a slow acting lethal poison that must be stopped immediately, with the creators of these injections being persecuted for their crimes.

We also discuss some of the illnesses people are developing, including the main topic many are seeing propagated suddenly in the mainstream – AIDS (known by doctors who are being silenced as VAIDS).

My Free Doctor home page.

Zeee Media home page.

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