Legendary Musician Eric Claptop Discusses His Covid Injection(s) Injury & Media Backlash

On “The Defender Show,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talked with musician Eric Clapton about the backlash he experienced after going public with his COVID vaccine injury.

extract from Children’s Health Defense Team

On CHD.TV’s “The Defender Show,” Kennedy and Clapton discussed the musician’s severe adverse reaction to the second dose of AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine. The injury left Clapton permanently disabled, he said.

Clapton said:

“For me, the purpose of talking about my experience with the vaccine was so that someone in a room somewhere who was suffering side effects knew that he wasn’t the only one — because in England, nobody knows. If you talk to somebody about the Yellow Card system, which is the reportage of side effects, most people don’t even know it exists. It’s criminal, you know, that it has been withheld.”

After the media backlash, which included an article in Rolling Stone and numerous TV news reports, Clapton, who doesn’t watch television, said he “didn’t even know who these people were” and why the mainstream media was “picking on” him.

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Kennedy said it’s encouraging to see hip-hop artists and other musicians come out against medical tyranny.

Clapton said he feels a kinship with Americans and others who support medical freedom. He described some worthwhile musical partnerships on protesting government overreach, including “Stand and Deliver,” a collaboration with Van Morrison who is also being criticized for bucking the mainstream pandemic narrative.

Full article and interview available here.

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