Kiwi Poison: Victimizing CoVID Jab Injured Adults and Children in New Zealand

You are about to meet three of the most courageous and dignified women in New Zealand. What they are going to share, and how they are each fighting it, is essential family viewing. It’s now the young people – children – suffering and, due to lack of informed consent, the parental guilt is overwhelming. There is no mandate to report CoVID Jab injuries in New Zealand, it’s almost treated as a crime…

Meet Casey and Liz

Meet Lynda, Health Forum NZ Group with 50,000 Members

More than 2,500 severe adverse reactions recorded and ignored. The NZ government will not look at it.

Now Meet Smirking Socialist Jacinda – she had to play humble after this smug display

Former leader of the International Youth Socialists on a power trip:

Catherine Austin Fitts, a high net worth financial advisor and former U.S. Assist Secretary of HUD, calculated that a vaccine injured child cost a family USD5,000,000 over his/her life. This is why the decision to accept the CoVID Jab should be an intergenerational family decision.

Liz Gunn and Lynda Wharton can be reached via: or Free NZ


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