Homeopathic Case Studies #2: Treating Transmission Injuries From the CoVID Injected to the Non-Injected

This continues an ongoing series of case studies as a team in Australia strive to help people who have side effects from the CoVID injections and/or transmission from others who have been injected. Most of these victims have been brushed aside, even mocked, by the medical profession that promoted the injections. This delays treatment worsening their physical and mental condition.

However, some positive results are giving hope to developing cures for some of the effects. The question is, how soon will these practitioners be silenced and/or criminalized? Already their names have been withheld due to the extreme persecution occurring in Australia for anyone who is not in complete LockStep.

Please read the introductory articles here and here. The Overview provided in the first case study is essential to understand what is being treated. It commences with the following explanation:

We are treating the prion diseases from the patented bio-technology of the CoVID injections and Flu Shots of the past 3 years.  The S1 spike protein synthesis of these injections is infectious and transmissible and now in the community on a massive scale. Due to the use of foetal cell lines in the serum, the S1 spike protein / prion can bind into any organ or tissue.

This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body.

That mRNA was supposed to stay at the injection site and it is not. That means that the spike proteins created by the mRNA will also be in all organs, and we now know that it is the spike proteins that cause the damage.

Worse still, the viral RNA found in all organs despite a vaccine indicates that the vaccine is not working at all…

Read: President of Bayer Admits CoVID mRNA Injection is Cellular Gene Therapy 95% Would Refuse

Note: All information provided should be discussed with your Homeopath, doctor or other complimentary medicine professional for your individual needs and health history.

Transmission From Those Who Have Had The CoVID Injections

First we must be clear, these are NOT traditional vaccines. Traditional vaccines contain live viruses that can be passed onto others by ‘shedding’. For example a person receives the Chicken Pox vaccine, they can shed the virus and others around them will get Chicken Pox. However, the CoVID injections are not vaccines – they do not contain live viruses, not even part of a live virus.

Dr Sherry Penny explains:

The CoVID injections contain laboratory generated messenger RNA (mRNA) in the Pfizer and Moderna shots and in the J&J and Atrazeneca shots they’re injecting an Adenovirus – a combination of a flu virus casing with a trans-gene (a piece of double stranded DNA) inserted into it which, in your body, will make a messenger RNA which then makes a spike protein. Ultimately your body makes antibodies against the inserted DNA which are associate with a long list of auto-immune diseases. That DNA strand can also get incorporated into your own genetic material!

… We do know that something is being transmitted because we have last time I looked, over 11,000 reports of women who had not received one of these injections but had been around people who had… like hairdressers that were not injected but around customers that had been injected – and these women were having horrific bleeding diathesis.

Some women who are post-menopausal – in their 70’s – start to bleed… younger women who had regular periods are bleeding so much they’ve lost 2/3rds of their blood volume…some are getting blood clots in the uterus that calcify and when the clots tear off the uterus lining it is like a miscarriage.

We’ve had reports of 22 month old girls passing clots the size of eggs….one infant had spent the weekend with her injected grandparents.

I believe it is the spike protein being transmitted…

Continue watching Dr Sherri Penny’s 23 minute interview here.

As Big Pharma Makes Hundreds of $$Billions$$ from CoVID Injections; Where is the Transmission Research?

Dr Colleen Huber, NMD, physician and expert witness in vaccine injury court cases, has highlighted that there have been no studies about the potential for CoVID injection(s) recipients to transmit anything – not even CoVID-19. However, she reports:

Why are COVID vaccinees MORE likely to spread COVID than the unvaccinated? 

Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, who worked for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, recently warned the World Health Organization (WHO) that “We are currently turning vaccinees into carriers shedding infectious variants.” 

The Red Cross says, “At this time individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine are not able to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross.” 

Pfizer showed awareness of the possibility of transmission through inhalation or skin contact with a vaccinated person here.  See pp 67-68.  C4591001_Clinical_Protocol_Nov2020_Pfizer_BioNTech (2).pdf  

This may partly explain the April 2021 surge of anecdotal reports of unusual menstrual bleeding and clotting among contacts of vaccinated persons.

COVID-19 Injection Considerations by Dr Huber an Expert Witness in Vaccine Injury Court Cases

Editor Question: Whether the Red Cross is forced to alter its position or not, where do the un-injected go for a blood transfusion in nations with injection mandates?

Case #1: 43 Year old Male, No Chronic or Underlying Health Issues.

He has a sedentary job so enjoys Tai Chi on the week-end and regularly swims in an indoor pool. In his office area, everyone has had the spike protein injection. Since August he has felt lethargic. He finds it difficult to stand up and start moving – starting with right foot. Now he relies on his left foot. At night muscle aches are now keeping him awake. 

He says he now walks like his wife did when she was 9 months pregnant until he can warm up and stretch out a bit.  He can no longer perform Tai Chi which he loved and was proficient in.  He has started experiencing heart palpitations that leave him exhausted the day after. He has to push and work really hard to be able to do aerobic exercise which after intense effort will allow him to move more easily,  but his limbs go cold, sometimes numb.  Then a few days later he is back where he was before.

A doctor diagnosed that he had Atrial Fibrillation (AF) without rheumatoid factors and prescribed beta blockers. He decided not to get the prescription filled. He suspects his sudden decline in health is CoVID injection related but was told emphatically it’s not the CoVID Injection(s) by a doctor who will lose his license for saying otherwise.

Homeopathic Treatment Prescribed

Each of the following Hx were prescribed for one dose on the scheduled day for 1 dose ( 3 pills dissolved under the tongue)

Day 1 Plumbum 1M

Day 2 – Nil

Day 3Arsenicum album 1M

Day 4Arnica 200C morning. Ruta 200C afternoon.

Day 5Bellis-Perennis 200C morning. 

Day 6 Vanadium 200C

Instructions: If he experiences Atrial Fibrillation take Arnica 200C and then within the half hour take Spigelia 200C.  Take each homeopathic for one dose.

End of Week Review:  Movement much better. Did not have any AF but had some palpitations at work.  Carried on with schedule. No burning or inflammatory pains. No shortness of breath except on heavy exertion (swimming on the week-end).  A bit more flexible with his Tai Chi. 

Week Two and Week Three

He stayed on the schedule for another week and the following week.  In week Three, he had a bout of AF.  He took the Arnica 200C and Spigelia 200C and this relieved it.  He did not have the exhaustion the next day.

No inflammatory symptoms, just rheumatics and heart. 

End of month review:.  He is almost back to where he was before everyone at his workplace had the CoVID Injection(s).

He reports that two have collapsed at work and been taken to hospital.  He is getting better and now that he is improving he sees that the general health in his workplace has declined.  The only other person who has not had the CoVID Injection(s) is his wife (asymptomatic) and a woman in her 60s who works in the office. She has been absent a lot. He hears from his wife who works with her that she has gotten her periods back even though she went through menopause 20 years ago. 

Now every week, he takes Thuja 10M for 1 dose and this is maintaining his recovery at this time. If he starts to get lame in the right hip or become stiff and sore in his muscles or he loses mobility and coordination: Arnica 200C and Arsenicum album 200C on that day.  If no better then: Plumbum 1M.

Case #2: 70 Year old Female, Professional Homeopath Retired, Active in a Community Controlled by CoVID Injections, QR Codes & Mandates

Notes: My hip and legs in the last year can go weak unexpectedly a few times a month.

October 24 2021:.  Her hips started to tighten up – within a matter of minutes until her lower back was tight and painful.  Standing up and walking became very painful.  Within the half hour, she had to hold onto furniture to walk about the house. She took some Arnica 200C and felt better. Though she had only been up for 2 hours she became tired and slept for 5 hours.

Upon waking her hips and lumbars were completely frozen. The sacro-iliac joint was set in concrete and she was unable to even turn over in bed. She had to rock herself onto the floor then use her arms to lever myself up and then boarded [picture a plank walking] over to the medicine chest. 

The keynote indications in Robin Murphy’s Homeopathic Clinical Reperatory (2005) were: Back pain and hip pain. [ General category]  Specifically: paralysis, pain on rising. The rubrics narrow the Hx down to Causticum.

Day 1 and Day 2: AlternatedArnica 200C and Causticum 1M.

Mobility improved but even sitting was very painful. She was still unable to rise from seated position instead having to pull herself up to stand and then force herself to move. 

Day 3: She slept most of the day but felt improved and could raise herself from the lying position into seated position on the edge of the bed and then lever herself into standing position.

Day 4: Much the same. In the endnotes of Frans Vermeulen:  Materia Medica on Causticum she read that the classical homeopathis of the American Homeopathic Association under Dr. Herring used Causticum with Mercurius corrosivus for the back paralysis and pain of Small Pox.  Since small pox is one of the most severe viral diseases – like the spike protein, she adjusted her protocol to:

7 am Arnica 200C

8 am Causticum 1M

12 noon Merc-cor 1M

3 pm: Causticum 1M

5 pm Arnica 200C

Day 5: She was almost back to normal.


Editor Comments: 1) Now is the time to prepare yourself and family, not after the Natural Pharmacies and Homeopaths in your town, city or country have been shut down. Order the various Hx remedies (there are many local and online sources) and keep them in your home medical and first aid cabinet – their shelf life is very long. 2) Despite the propaganda, the data is clear, it is NOT the “unvaccinated” who pose a risk to anyone. Quite the reverse, the “vaccinated” are harming themselves and those around them, including their unborn babies. This is not only a global tragedy, it is a highly profitable and orchestrated crime against humanity under the mind-numbing agitprop phrase “Following the Science”. Accompanied by one of the greatest propaganda campaigns using scientifically-illiterate paid actors and script readers to make their science palatable for the masses who would otherwise say “Hell, no!”.

The facts.

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