Homeopathic Case Studies #1: Treating a School Girl and Elderly Lady Injured by the CoVID Jab

This starts an ongoing series of case studies as a team in Australia continue to work with people who have side effects from the CoVID injections and/or transmission from others who have been injected. Please read the over view articles here and here and discuss with your homeopath, doctor or other complimentary medicine professional. Names have been withheld due to the extreme persecution occurring in Australia for anyone who is not in complete LockStep. However the team includes doctors, nurses and homeopathic professionals with decades of experience and the courage to help.

Click here for the easy-print summary timetable and guide from Part One.


We are treating the prion diseases from the patented bio-technology of the CoVID injections and Flu Shots of the past 3 years.  The S1 spike protein synthesis of these injections is infectious and transmissible and now in the community on a massive scale. Due to the use of foetal cell lines in the serum, the S1 spike protein / prion can bind into any organ or tissue.

This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body.

That mRNA was supposed to stay at the injection site and it is not. That means that the spike proteins created by the mRNA will also be in all organs, and we now know that it is the spike proteins that cause the damage.

Worse still, the viral RNA found in all organs despite a vaccine indicates that the vaccine is not working at all… 

President of Bayer Admits CoVID mRNA Injection is Cellular Gene Therapy 95% Would Refuse

The spike protein attacks the endothelial (inner) lining of the vascular system.  It forms micro-clots in the capillaries (as does Graphene Oxide).  So, in terms of the micro-clotting, the problems will be with thrombosis at the site of the clotting.  There will be pain, swelling and inflammation.

Complications are embolism – which can occur anywhere  the clot breaks off and goes to another part of the body, also aneurysm – weakening the walls of the blood vessels causing the blood to break out into the surrounding tissue. 

We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

Science Journal: Warning PULS Cardiac Test Proves mRNA CoVID Injections Are Deadly Dangerous!

These are not vaccinations.  These injections are experimental mRNA bio-technologies.

The injection is a patented S1 spike protein synthesis ( a biotech corona virus ) made up of human / animal mRNA.  The spike of the natural coronavirus has been ‘bio-teched’ for increased pathogenicity – inflammation and toxicity.

The mRNA bio-technology of the serum provides a (genetic)  re-write of human DNA which programs the human cells to replicate the S1 spike protein.  This has been engineered to bind any tissue through its ACE2.  Its enhanced pathogencity will cause inflammation and clotting.

There are so many adverse reactions to these injections we cannot cover them all. 

Beyond the record setting initial adverse events and deaths from these forced injection campaigns, we are also facing these other developing catastrophes:

-damaged immune systems,

-enhanced cornavirus disease,

-dangerous new variants,

-injection victims becoming  super-spreaders

-blocking of the development of healthy herd immunity that would be  acheived without these injections,

-and disruptions of the innate immunity in young and old, “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”, that will cause: severe coronavirus disease; worsening of many other infections that will break through the damaged immune systems; autoimmune diseases; and crippling persistent effects on children’s immune systems.

Doctors Stark Warning: The Destruction of Immune Systems by the CoVID Injections

What we are treating is the prion disease/s of this bio-technology. The injected person who is replicating the patented biotech S1 spike protein synthesis (prion) has a prion disease. And that person is transmitting this spike protein to others via the prions he or she is shedding in aerosols. That transmission is amplified by the EMF field which is becoming stronger in gHz. The graphene oxide in the serum is ‘online’ with EMF and amplifies prion transmission.

In addition to graphene oxide the serum also contains many known and unkown micro-organisms: bacteria, polyps etc.  These will change the micro-biome of the blood in people – which is being micro-waved.

Slides via SGT Report

From the symptoms that people are getting from both the injection and the transmission of the spike protein / prion we know it can bind into the vascular lining of the lung, heart, brain, kidney, nerve, muscle, gut.

There is a wide perception in the vaxxed and unvaxxed community that natural remedies will be able to help.  They definitely have a role to play.  Conventional medicine has been batting about zero with the auto-immune diseases ‘of concern’ flagged by the FDA in relation to these CoVID vaxxes. 

There is no cure, but much can be done to help them manage this disease until a cure is found. However, this is grossly hindered by possibly the most anti-reporting culture in the world – found in allopathic medicine!

Recent Treatment Cases

Case #1: 16 Year old Female High School Student, No Pre-Existing Conditions, Injected Without *Warning Despite Parents Stating “We Do Not Give Consent” in Writing

*Without warning is relevant because Arnica 200C given prior to injection will assist to prevent the toxic shock of the injection. In the homeopathic protocol Arnica 200C is given before and after injection. So injections that occur by force, deception etc. without giving the injected any time to prepare deny them many benefits that could help or even help to save them from adverse reaction and the onset symptoms of their prion disease.

She is 16 years old with rainbow streaks in her hair and many metal piercings and studs. She has just come from school which is now vaxxing the students.  All students must be vaxxed unless there is a parental objection for the child under age of consent to be vaxxed – an age which is being lowered in order to meet vaxx targets of the Communist state. 

The Daughter was under age.  But this did not prevent the lying PCs at the school from telling the Daughter that Mum had phoned up and given consent when they were working over the ‘non-consenters’.  Mum however had personally delivered a letter of ‘No Consent’ to the school.  The school maintains she changed her mind and phoned them up and consented.  This is the story they gave to the Daughter. And they vaxxed the child who ‘consented’ under enormous pressure.

At present, she has no period and her legs ache so much at night she can not sleep. In the morning she can hardly get herself out of bed and hobbles around. According to the doctor, none of this has anything to do with the Pfizer and no prescription has helped. So, after more than a month, they decide to try something ‘Natural’.

Homeopathic Prescription.

Day 1:  Arnica 200C [for shock] 1 dose in the am.  Thuja 10M 1 dose in the pm.

Day 2:  Silicea 1M

Day 3: Nil

Day 4: Arsenicum album 1M – 1 dose in the am.  Graphites 1M – 1  dose in the pm.

Day 5: Nil

Day 6:  Arsenicum album 1M – 1 dose in the am.  Kali-iod 200C – 1 dose in the pm. 

Five later I receive a call from the daughter who is furious and mother who is hysterical:

Mum: “After that homeopathy stuff you gave her, all her piercings have come out and her legs and arms are covered in these hard bumps.”  Daughter screaming: “And there is black goo coming out!!!”. 

Despite having been warned, the reality of the Hx working to detox and heal her was a shock. The Silicea 200C , Kali-iod 200C and Graphites 200C were shifting the graphene oxide in the clot shot to the skin forming nodules on the skin before oozing out of her body. (This also has a magnetic effect.)

However, her legs no longer ache and she is sleeping once again. Within a few months her periods should revert to normal but further treatment should be considered if they do not.

Unfortunately the mother refuses to challenge the school for lying about her “consent”. She was more outraged at the Homeopath and the indicators of the treatment working than action of the school which illegally debilitated her daughter!

How else does one make 1400% Vaccine Investment Profits

Case 2#: 55-year-old Woman Given the Astra-Zeneca Injection with Pre-Existing Conditions

Underlying conditions: Alpha gal allergy (tick vector). Allergies to all mammalian products – everything from wool and leather to milk. She is a vegan but can eat chicken, duck, eggs and fish. Having the CoVID Injection [No jab, No job] was a big risk for her.   

Note: She has a surgical pin in one of her bones so Silicea is not indicated.

First prescription:

Note for homeopathic potencies, the dose is 3 or 5 pills dissolved under the tongue.  Explanation – an Hx potency is the energy of a substance extracted and graduated in a laboratory. It does not act like a chemical substance.  The pills merely convey the energy / potency.  So whether you take 1 pill, 3 pills, 10 pills or the entire bottle, you are still getting the same energy of the substance in potency.  A homeopathic prescription usually standardizes the dosage at 3 or 5 pills / dose.

All homeopathics in this prescription are given as one dose / 3 pills unless otherwise stated.

Day 1 -Arnica 200C prior to injection (for shock). Dandelion Root tea before and after injection. Thuja 10M for vaccinosis on the day of injection.  Repeat Arncia 200C for toxic shock after the injection.

Presentation after vaxx.  Observations:  Vaxx site is hardened, red, swollen and sore.  Vomiting set in on the day of vaxx (several hours later) and was continuous until given homeopathic’s specifically for nausea and vomiting accompanied by terrible aching over the entire body. Deeply and systemically sick.

A family member reported that two hours after the injection she could not stop vomiting. She had hallucinations due to the severity of the vomiting, was shaking all over believing she was going to die.

Day 2:  Nux-vomica 1M. every hour was alternated Nux-vomica 1M [1dose] with Arnica 200C [1dose].  EG – 1 pm Nux-v /  2 pm Arnica 200C.  

Immediately her violent vomiting slowed down and within two hours stopped. The family member reported: “We kept her very hydrated with the coconut water and aloe Vera smoothie. She had a rough night sleep with body aches. She took an aspirin before bed as she could feel a slight headache coming on. This morning she has had breakfast and continues to sip on her dandelion water. She has not vomited again since last night. She has just stayed in bed. She feels nauseated, has a slight headache and her body is extremely heavy with a very sore arm. She said to move makes her feel really sick in the stomach.”

Day 3 – Soup and rice/toast for hydration and stomach. Dandelion Root tea and/or capsules in a drink that agrees with her. Also advised, nausea without vomiting is also an indication to take Nux Vomica.

In the early am: Thuja 10M  (1 dose).  After 1 hour, Nux-vomica 1M and Arnica 200C alternated  every 2 hours eg Arnica 8 am Nux-v 10 am , Arnica 12 noon, Nux-v 2 pm, Arnica 200C at 4 etc. 

Note: IV for hydration may be necessary for some individuals.

Day 3: The family member reported “she has a deep headache and is so tired, it’s hard for her to keep her eyes open. Her whole body really aches, injection area is painful and swollen like a golf ball but no further vomiting or nausea. We’re trying to get a D-Dimer Test done by her doctor as well as a full immune panel on her immune cells – B lymphocytes, neutrophils etc

The D-Dimer test will show if micro-clotting has set in. Watch – Dr Kilian: Get These Blood Tests After Your Covid-19 Injections! Guide Charts Added

Prescription: Continue Dandelion Root as a herbal capsule, as an infusion or by tincture. Thuja 10M (one dose).  After an hour follow with arnica 200C – give every hour in the morning. Calendula 10M (or 1M) at a half hour mark for 2 doses this am. 

Keep the blood thin, if she can tolerate aspirin give aspirin.  Good hydration – a good mineral water.  Aloe vera and green coconut juice. In the afternoon give Graphites 1M ( 1 dose) at 1 pm.  Give arnica 200C at 2 pm.  Give Arsenicum album 200C at 2:30 pm..  Give China 1M (1 dose at 4 pm).

Observe vital signs.  Respiration.  If the breath goes cold give Carbo-veg 200C. Apply a poultice of green or bentonite clay or diatomaceous earth in an aloe vera base to the injection site.

Day 4: Continuing poultices at painful injection site. Cupping is recommended to prevent the infection spreading. Thuja 10M in the morning.  Wait two hours, then run the following sequence of homeopathics giving 1 Hx for 1 dose every hour:

Arnica 200C, Arsenicum album 200C, Graphites 200C Arsenicum album 200c,  Merc-sol 1M, Arsenicum album 200C, China 200C  Arsenicum album 200C Nux-vomica 1M , Arsenicum album 200C.  Merc-sol 1M. 

Give Arnica 200C on the half hour mark.  Continue with soup and hydration. Continue with poultices. Aspirin to keep the blood thin.

Day 5 – Weak with sore arm but no headache.

Homeopathics used in this Presentation

Note to Homeopaths and Home Prescribers.  These homeopathics are selected on the basis of high scores according physical general symptomatology according to : “Homeopathic Clinical Repertory” by Robin Murthy N.D. (2005)

Arnica 200C or 1M.  Shock.  Protection of kidney function. Septic conditions.  Trauma.  Deep muscular aches which come from a liver struggling to break down toxin. Cardiac oedema and dropsy – swelling.  Limbs and body ache as if beaten.  Sore, lame, bruised sensation.  Prostration.  Recurring boils. Intense soreness.  Arsenicum album 200C or 1M.  Follows well after Arnica as Arsen-alb will promote suppurration of infection.

Thuja 1M or 10M. [ 1M recommended for persons with lowered vitality eg the elderly and those with underlying conditions ]  For vaccinosis or disease of a vaccine / injected toxin.   First medicine.  Thuja is a powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial.   10M is a high potency because the serum of the S1 Spike Protein Synthesis is ‘amplified’ energetically through the Graphene Oxide and the way it connects with EMF.

Swelling of the blood vessels – the blood is carrying a lot of fluid because of toxic load.  Glandular enlargement.  Damp and water / rain aggravate in other words the person will feel worse in a damp, humid atmosphere.   Ill effects of vaccination.  Flesh feels as if beaten off the bones.  Dischares are foul.  Glands can become tender and swollen. Weakness in lower limbs.

Sacro-iliac joint painful.  [Note if S-I joint is frozen or paralysis sets into the joint, then alternate Merc-cor 1M and Causticum 1M – the observation is: can not rise from seated or supine position, can not roll over ]

Silicea 200C or 1M [ not given if the person has metal pins or plates in the body ] Silicea is indicated after vaccination or injection with toxin and often follows Thuja.  Toxin has affected connective tissue and nerves. The symptoms of the need for Silicea after vaxx are nervous irritability, trembling, paretic symptoms, sleepiness, depression, headaches.  Silicea especially needed where injected toxin causes discharges that have the odour of necrotic or dead tissue.

This patient has had a surgical pin in one of her bones so Silicea is not indicated.

A Common Prescription Before Taking the CoVID Injection is:

Day Before: Arnica 200C

Immediately After: Arnica 200C or 1M.

Within 2 hours: Thuja 1M or 10M [ 1 dose ].

Next Day: Silicea 200C or 1M [ 1 dose ].

These may need to be repeated again the next day or later in the week and throughout the month – for example Sunday: Arnica [ 1 dose pre-vaxx ]  Monday am : vaxx at 9 am.  Arnica 200C [ 1 dose at 9:30 am and Arnica 1M for 1 dose at 10 am].  Thuja 10M [ 1 dose ] at 11 am ] .  Other Hx may be given that afternoon. Tuesday:  Silicea 1M [ 1 dose ] in the am. 

Additional Homeopathics:

Arsenicum album 200C / 1M.Infection. Antidotes Graphene Oxide.

Calendula 10M. Infection – especially of nerves. Inflammation of nerves.  Neuralgia 

Nux vomica 1M.Liver. Indications: nauseated but can not vomit. Nausea with vomiting. Attacks and continuous vomiting.  Anti-dotes Graphene Oxide.

China officinalis 1M.  Deep headache.  Especially toxic headache or migraine. Throbbing, pressing headache.  Shortness of breath.  Difficult breathing.  Debility from disease and loss of vital fluids.  Exhausting discharges.  Sepsis.  Weakness.  Anti-dotes Graphene oxide

Graphites 200C or 1M. For graphene oxide methylation and excretion. Arms and legs go to sleep (circulation).  The person is chilly.  All processes are sluggish.  Circulation is irregular eg rushes of blood to the head.  Sudden sinking of strength.  Pain on beginning to walk.  Needs to stretch.  Tired.  Sensation of cobweb drawn across the face ( neuralgia of the 5th cranial nerve and its dermatone).  Cramps.  Grows cystic tumours / wens – fatty cysts)

Future discussion for cases will further consider Carbo-vegetabilis 200C or 1M, White tailed spider venom 200C or 1M and Cina 200C or 1M in relation to prion transmission.

Watch: Dr Nathan Thompson Shows The Damage On The Immune System After 2nd COVID Jab

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