Homeopathic Case #3: 32 Year old Male Chef Harmed by CoVID Jabbed Colleagues

the spike protein hits the weaker areas of the health profile…

Not Safe, Not Effective: The Jabbed Are Transmitting The Bio-Engineered Spike Proteins To Others

The evidence is mounting that the CoVID Clot Shots harm not only the receiver but those they come into contact with. Possibly by shedding and/or transmitting the bio-engineered spike protein and other toxins they contain. For example, while being declared “safe and effective”:

Since the end of April 2021 Pfizer and health authorities around the world knew the Clot Shot harmed 13% of babies being breastfed by a jabbed mother. This is in addition to 27% of women experiencing miscarriages, still births and serious side effects while pregnant. This number soars to 91% of pregnant women suffering a miscarriage if they are less than 20 weeks pregnant. These numbers are unprecedented.

CoVID Jabbed Mothers Harm Babies When Breastfeeding, DoJ & FDA Want 75 Yrs To Bury Pfizer’s Data

Hemorrhagic (Bleeding) Diathesis

The CoVID injections contain laboratory generated messenger RNA (mRNA) in the Pfizer and Moderna shots and in the J&J and Atrazeneca shots they’re injecting an Adenovirus – a combination of a flu virus casing with a trans-gene (a piece of double stranded DNA) inserted into it which, in your body, will make a messenger RNA which then makes a spike protein. Ultimately your body makes antibodies against the inserted DNA which are associate with a long list of auto-immune diseases. That DNA strand can also get incorporated into your own genetic material!

We do know that something is being transmitted because we have last time I looked, over 11,000 reports of women who had not received one of these injections but had been around people who had… like hairdressers that were not injected but around customers that had been injected – and these women were having horrific bleeding diathesis.

Some women who are post-menopausal – in their 70’s – start to bleed… younger women who had regular periods are bleeding so much they’ve lost 2/3rds of their blood volume…some are getting blood clots in the uterus that calcify and when the clots tear off the uterus lining it is like a miscarriage.

We’ve had reports of 22 month old girls passing clots the size of eggs….one infant had spent the weekend with her injected grandparents.

I believe it is the spike protein being transmitted…

Dr Sherry Penny

Pfizer showed awareness of the possibility of transmission through inhalation or skin contact with a vaccinated person here.  See pp 67-68.  C4591001_Clinical_Protocol_Nov2020_Pfizer_BioNTech (2).pdf  

This may partly explain the April 2021 surge of anecdotal reports of unusual menstrual bleeding and clotting among contacts of vaccinated persons.

COVID-19 Injection Considerations by Dr Huber an Expert Witness in Vaccine Injury Court Cases

“I am not anti-vaccine, because I wrote the vaccination policy for France for a great many years. But the problem is that the products they call “vaccines” for Covid-19 are not really vaccines. That’s my problem… when you inject messenger RNA to produce a huge amount of a spike protein, a fragment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you can’t control the process. And the problem is that in human cells, we know that RNA might go back to DNA” Prof. Christian Perrone.

This continues an ongoing series of case studies as a team in Australia strive to help people who have side effects from the CoVID jabs and/or transmission from others who have been jabbed. Most of these victims have been brushed aside, even mocked, by the medical profession that promoted the injections. This delays treatment worsening their physical and emotional condition.

However, some positive results are giving hope to developing cures for some of the effects. The question is, how soon will these practitioners be silenced and/or criminalized? Already their names have been withheld due to the extreme persecution occurring in Australia for anyone who is not in complete LockStep.

Please read the introductory articles here and here. The Overview provided in the first case study is essential to understand what is being treated. It commences with the following explanation:

We are treating the prion diseases from the patented bio-technology of the CoVID injections and Flu Shots of the past 3 years.  The S1 spike protein synthesis of these injections is infectious and transmissible and now in the community on a massive scale. Due to the use of foetal cell lines in the serum, the S1 spike protein / prion can bind into any organ or tissue.

This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body.

That mRNA was supposed to stay at the injection site and it is not. That means that the spike proteins created by the mRNA will also be in all organs, and we now know that it is the spike proteins that cause the damage.

Worse still, the viral RNA found in all organs despite a vaccine indicates that the vaccine is not working at all…Read: President of Bayer Admits CoVID mRNA Injection is Cellular Gene Therapy 95% Would Refuse

Note: All information provided should be discussed with your Homeopath, doctor or other complimentary medicine professional for your individual needs and health history. This content is for educational purposes only.

COVID-19 vaccination transmission case summary

Case #3: 32 Year old Male, Busy Chef in an Australian City

He is a healthy active male and has historically used Homeopathic remedies to stave off colds and other illnesses in his demanding work in busy kitchens. He has not taken the CoVID Clot Shots but many of his colleagues have due to looming “No Jab, No Job” threats / mandates. He noted with concern that their health had noticeably declined and he was starting to experience some similar symptoms.

The first thing he noticed was that the homeopathics he took seasonally, or when he felt run down or that an opportunistic infection (like a cold or influenza was developing, became weekly ‘go to’ medicines to keep him fit for work under the stress of the transmission. This is because the spike protein hits the weaker areas of the health profile.

Patient Profile

  1. Male, 32, Chef.
  2. Working in a city 5G environment.
  3. His Constitution is Carbon-Nitrogenoid – Sulphur. He usually takes Sulphur 1M a few times a month for constitutional health.

Sulphur Constitution Characteristics

  1. Slim
  2. Highly reactionary
  3. Good vital heat
  4. Prone to rashes
  5. Prone to itching
  6. First signs of illness are in the sinuses and mucous membranes

Pre-March (Autumn) 2021

Onset symptoms of an opportunistic infection that began early March. The homeopathic remedies he used were self-administered over three days. These cleared up.


  • Fatigue
    1. Breathlessness and breathless spells
    2. Weaknesses and tiredness

Remedies used

  1. Arnica 1M  for ‘takedown’ of fatigue and Arsenicum album (Ars alb) 1m for both anxiety and respiratory issues
  2. Thuja 10M with Mercurius solubilis (Merc sol) 1M alternated for one or two doses of each Hx  when feeling particularly under the weather or ‘coming down with something.’
  3. Arnica 1M for general unwell feeling, then Merc sol 1m and Ars alb 1M protocol repeated 2-3 times a day until he felt better.

Post-March 2021 (mRNA Rollout)

Symptoms of transmission began in late March. They were cleared through treatment but began to return at intervals of increased severity and increased frequency.

Symptoms of transmission

  1. Fatigue, breathlessness and weakness remained but to a worsened degree
  2. Rash under arm on left side – a burning from acidic acrid sweat
  3. Pimples with purple bruising around them – purple indicated venous stasis
  4. Sinus aggravation – post-nasal drips, burning at base of nose, blocked nose, running nose, burning acrid catarrh
  5. Irritability more common – indicating aggravated sulphur constitution
  6. General inflammation in mucosal membranes
  7. Gastric issues ranging from mild gastric distress, bloating, sharp pains, diarrhea and at times symptoms that would be described as IBS or food poisoning
  8. Gallbladder pain and gallbladder headaches/migraines – felt galled
  9. Kidney pain and lower back pain
  10. Deep pain in left leg on a few occasions – both thigh and lower shin region
  11. Shoulder and neck pain along the gallbladder meridian with the gallbladder headache. Pain in nose along under eyes over the ears (including pain in the ears and down the back of the neck and into the shoulders)

With these symptoms he began to use the homeopathics every week and is now using them several times a week.

The Base transmission protocol: Arnica 1M , Thuja 10M, Silicea 1M [ he has no metal pins or plates in his body ] E.g. Monday: Arnica 1M, Tuesday: Thuja 1M , Wednesday: Silicea 1M. Sometimes he would repeat this sequence from Friday: Arnica 1M… At other times he would take other homeopathics or run another sequence of Hx depending on his symptoms.

Remedies used

  1. Base transmission protocol Arnica 1M, Thuja 10M, Silicea 1M – Each Hx for 1 dose / 3 pillules under the tongue once or twice a week.
  2. For breathlessness – Ars alb 1M or Nux vomica (Nux v) 1M normally in the evening either just after dinner or before bed. The remedy used would depend on the characteristics of breathlessness.  Arsenicum – album 1M for breathlessness / anxiety.  Nux-vomica 1M for breathlessness with nausea.
  3. For the sinus issues and mucus membrane swollen and inflamed. – unwell protocol (Arn, Merc sol, Ars alb) quite aggressively over a 2-3 hour period:
    1. in the morning;
    2. in the afternoon; and
    3. if symptoms persisted, in the evening
  4. For irritability – Sulphur, Pulsatilla 1M or Nux v
  5. For gastric issues – Nux v as needed. Nux v worked well when breathlessness was an issue at the same time.
  6. For rashes:
    1. either Silicea 1M or Sulphur 1M.  Silicea 1M for boils. Sulphur 1M for red rash, itching and burning.
    2. Silicea 1m to promote suppuration and balance pH by ameliorating acidosis.

Protocol routine

Every week based on his work week beginning on Tuesday:

  1. Arnica 1m Monday night;
  2. Thuja 10M Tuesday morning on arrival at work;
  3. Silicea 1M Wednesday morning – this is to continue the Thuja energy through until the Thursday day off as well as aid and encourage the suppuration and balance PH; and
  4. Thursday-Sunday was often Ars alb 1M or Nux v 1M to antidote graphene, but tailored to the symptoms. Varied every week. Some weeks would get more transmission and would need to repeat.


Through the use of the protocol routine, we could both treat and prevent most of the transmission symptoms including:

  • kidney and lower back pain;
  • deep pain in legs;
  • shoulder and neck pain;
  • rash under arm; and the
  • fatigue and breathlessness.

Aggressive Hx When Necessary

As an example of inter-current prescribing change of  symptoms, the Base transmission protocol would be interrupted to run an aggressive sequence of homeopathics. 

For example, if he had a feeling of lethargy, ‘coming down with something’ and developed an inflamed mucus membrane, he would take Arnica 1M, Merc-sol 1M and Arsenicum album over a 2 – 3 hour period in the morning. If symptoms had not cleared, he would then repeat that sequence of homeopathics after a few hours break in the afternoon. If symptoms persisted he would repeat in the evening.

For irritability – Sulphur 1M, Pulsatilla 1M or Nux-vomica 1M work for him.  For Sulphur irritability and impatience, if a bad mood comes on follow with Pulsatilla 1M .  If gut anxiety develops, Nux-vomica 1M would follow Sulphur 1M and match the symptoms. 

General Notes

With Spike Protein Injection [SPI] and Spike Protein Exposure [SPE], the concern is micro-clotting and inflammation and attendant risks. Homeopathics, Herbs and Food can all be used therapeutically to assist with prevention of clots, inflammation, to condition blood, clean arteries and strengthen circulation

For homeopathics , 1 dose = 3 pills or 10 drops.

Some good Hx to take every week:

Arnica 200C (for example, 1 dose on Monday and Thurs).  Helps to prevent strokes.

Coffea 30C ( 1 dose on Tues and Saturday). Strong coffee every day – a broncho-dilator.

Tabacum 6C (1 dose on Wed, Friday and Sunday).  Assists the body with methylation of toxins.

Calendula 1M ( 1 dose in the afternoon on Monday, Wed, Friday and Saturday)


Hawthorn berry, St. John’s Wort and Dandelion Root in herbal extract. Hawthorn berries can be boiled in filtered water and used for infusions of gingko biloba or other leaves like green tea or papaya.

Foods That Assist with Cleansing Arteries

Pomegranite juice. Grapefruit juice. For the morning grapefruit juice, a good combination is to squeeze the juice of one grapefruit.  Pour into chilled glass and then fill it up with organic green coconut water.

Apple juice with aromatics and spices that clean arteries. 

In a bottle of organic apple juice, soak garlic, turmeric, ginger and galangal (rinsed and chopped – leave skin on).  Add spices in small amounts or to taste: cayenne, cardamon, cloves, cinnamon.  Leave the lid off for about a half hour and then put it in the fridge door.  It should begin to effervesce and ferment in about  week.  When you can shake it up and it has a head of foam – makes a great soft drink.  You can add it to salad dressings.

Pesto: Grind and blend with olive oil a mix of pine nuts, basil, rosemary, sage, thyme and parsley with sea salt and black pepper.

When The Biden Smirk Went Global for CoVID: In 1987 Prescient Joe Biden Predicted Medical Tyranny, Now He’s President

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