Doctors Warn Destroyed Immune Systems are Why the CoVID Jabbed are in Hospital

We are witnessing the highest rates of infection, hospitalization, and death in the nations that are most “vaccinated”…the vaccinated themselves are becoming very ill given a deranged immune response…
We also say, under no condition, none, do we allow our low-risk healthy children to be vaccinated with these sub-optimal, imperfect, leaky and largely safety untested vaccines that only provides a potential opportunity for harm.

Stark warnings from Doctors Vanden Boscche, Alexander, Stock, and Trozzi

Dr Vanden Boscche raises the alarm on the destruction of innate immunity

Dr Geert Vanden Boscche is a world class virologist, immunologist, and vaccinologist. He is the consummate insider and whistle blower. His extensive career has included high level positions with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as GAVI.  

Three day ago on November 17, 2021 he gave this detailed warning at the African Health Summit. He expressed his educated concern that hope is already lost for the heavily injected populations of the world; before he pleaded with the people of Africa to reject the injections before they are on the same path to mass immune system failure, widespread disease and death.

Revealing the grim reality of vaccine-induced antibody mediated selection

The so-called “vaccines” are wreaking havoc on individuals and populations.

Beyond the record setting initial adverse events and deaths from these forced injection campaigns, we are also facing these other developing catastrophes:

  • damaged immune systems,
  • enhanced cornavirus disease,
  • dangerous new variants,
  • injection victims becoming  super-spreaders
  • blocking of the development of healthy herd immunity that would be  acheived without these injections,
  • and disruptions of the innate immunity in young and old, “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”, that will cause: severe coronavirus disease; worsening of many other infections that will break through the damaged immune systems; autoimmune diseases; and crippling persistenteffects on children’s immune systems.

These so-called “vaccines” are leaky, meaning that they may reduce symptoms, but they do not eliminate the virus, nor block infection or transmission. The injection victims have higher viral loads in their respiratory tracts and their symptoms are buffered, so they are more likely to  spread  infection. These victims’ virus-loaded respiratory systems are evolutionary hotbeds where the coronaviruses can live, and evolve into more dangerous variants. In 2020 we were lied to about “Asymptomatic spread” in natural people; however now the injections are creating  super-spreaders .

It is true that the injections are already demonstrating severe harms to the subjects, and that sadly, there is lots more to come in this respect. However, we now see that it is also true that the injection victims harbour and evolving pools of corona-viruses, obstruct herd immunity, and maintain a constant presence of corona-virus in the population that drains the innate immunity even in the “unvaccinated”. So the injection campaigns  put us all in grave danger.

For more details and proof of these matters, see this recent article by Dr Paul Alexander with input of Doctors Dan Stock and Mark Trozzi (after the following video).

Video: Dr Trozzi, The Cure for CoVID is Justice

During the recent Caribbean Health Summit, Dr mark Trozzi was requested to give a brief overview of our Global Situation. Laying out the essential facts and analysis of the last two years, Dr. Trozzi calls for justice, the restoration of human rights, and the rule of law. We hope you enjoy the clarity of these 10 minutes.  

The Original Antigenic Sin: COVID-19 Vaccination and Sub-Optimal Initial Immune Priming Deranges the Antibody- Cytotoxic T cell Immune Response

Authored by Paul Alexander, Dan Stock, MD, and Mark Trozzi, MD

Drs. Vanden Bossche and Montagnier have warned us about vaccinating during a pandemic with heavy infectious pressure and the use of very narrow spike specific (an immature, sub-optimal, incomplete, immune library spectrum) yielding, sub-optimal antibodies. That we could possibly drive vaccine-mediated viral immune escape and We argue we are seeing just that now in the UK and Israel and even in the US. “It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.” It is the vaccination and sub-optimal incomplete ‘unhinged and deranged’ antibody responses that is driving the emergence of the variants. Is this why so many young healthy athletes are dying?

It is now abundantly clear that the COVID-19 vaccines are ‘leaky’ (leaky vaccines do not stop infection or transmission and allows for immune escape) and do not sterilize the COVID virus (are non-neutralizing or lose this capacity very quickly). These vaccines show that the more vaccinated a nation is, the more problems they are having with the vaccine in terms of escalating infections. These vaccines do not adequately protect the upper respiratory tract. The data is clear that the vaccinated can transmit as efficiently as some who are completely unprotected. Immunity from the vaccines seem to be only about 4 to 5 months and thus how could any one think we can achieve population level herd immunity with these vaccines? It is virtually impossible that these vaccines could get us to herd immunity. Zero chance. Yet are we about to accept boosting every 5 months? Do we know if the immune system is designed for this? This, as well as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and antibody mediated viral enhancement (AMVE) were not studied. This was a catastrophic omission and failure by the vaccine developers and the FDA as the key regulator in enforcing this. 

Yet why would the CDC, NIH, and vaccine developers and their supporters continue to push these leaky ‘imperfect’ vaccines onto the population, especially low-risk persons when the antibody immunity quickly wanes and all you are doing is setting the population up for repeated boosters that carry risk itself? Why did vaccine developers bring these imperfect vaccines, as if it were set to fail from inception? As mentioned, we have not studied if the human immune system is capable of withstanding repeat vaccine boosting. We are seeing that the vaccinated are at some point, driving transmission with a vaccine that has limited ‘questionable’ immunity. 

Our thesis is that the double-vaccinated and triple-vaccinated (likely quadruple vaccinated in Israel) are (would) driving the transmission of the Delta variant with severe consequences for the vulnerable unvaccinated (and vaccinated). They are functioning potentially as asymptomatic super spreaders. That these COVID vaccines are functioning to keep the vaccinated person alive but allowing for infection and transmission which could permit very virulent strains to circulate within a population. What we are seeing at present cannot really be explained by differences in variants and this breakdown in infections among vaccinated persons. People who are double vaccinated are being made to shed virus at alarmingly high levels. 

The Marek’s disease/Read et al. (‘leaky’ non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing imperfect vaccines that reduce symptoms but do not stop infection or transmission) in chickens model and the concept of the Original antigenic sin (the initial priming of the immune system or exposure prejudices the immune response life-long to that pathogen/virus or similar, and if the initial priming of the immune system is indeed sub-optimal, then the subsequent response (exposure) may be sub-optimal to that pathogen or similar/related ones) may explain what we are potentially facing now with these imperfect COVID vaccines (which is immune escape, increased viral load, increased transmission, faster transmission, and potentially more ‘hotter’ variants). We wish to make the case that we may be able to explain the surging infections (hospitalization and death) in vaccinated persons as well as unvaccinated persons via the concept of the Original antigenic sin. While some may argue that it is a theoretical argument, the data we are seeing could well be explained by this. We see no other explanation at this time for what we are seeing in the data post vaccine in UK, Israel, US etc. 

Penn State’s Ohm similarly writes “Leaky vaccines work…without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, that can transmit.” Boots echoed similar and again we suggest that we are possibly facing a Marek 2.0 now with these clearly imperfect COVID vaccines. Yes, more data and acute definitive research is needed for this was not studied by the vaccine developers and we are in the dark as to how these vaccines behave medium and long-term as to safety. We are in a black box situation. However, what is shaping up raises many urgent questions and is potentially ominous. We run the risk of killing many with these vaccines, and particularly our children if what we are seeing is the tip of ADE/AMVE. 

We are actually seeing major COVID hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths in the UK among the fully vaccinated. This is a huge problem and this may be an AMVE/ADE that we feared. A virologist’s worst nightmare. An enhancing antibody need not be present (Dr. Dan Stock, personal communication, November 8th 2021) and this nuance must be factored into our discussion.

“The greatest deficit is that caused by Th 2 shifting away from CD 8+ cytotoxic natural killer cellular response to the local infection, which is necessarily induced, regardless of what type of Ab gets produced…unhelpful antibodies really are not required for the immune system derangement.” 

We argue that it may well be that enough corners were cut in the vaccine trials and manufacture under Operation Warp Speed (OWS) to reduce the timelines, resulting in sub-optimal harmful vaccines being brought to the society. Was the prior President Trump mislead and misinformed by his scientific advisors and vaccine developers? We argue they did mislead him. Had the studies been conducted properly as to the vaccine safety aspects and for the proper durations, had we followed up long enough to examine AMVE/ADE, then it is likely that we would not be witnessing what is unfolding in UK’s data and Israeli data today. Or the US with clear vaccine failure and the potentially dangerous need for repeat boosting. Repeat boosting could be devastating. 

We write here because of our fear of what will possibly happen to our children if we proceed to mass vaccinate healthy children. We think based on what has materialized thus far, that we could seriously hurt many children with these vaccines. Importantly, children just do not have significant risk from this virus and must be left alone. This vaccine is not needed and the government public health leaders (Francis Collins/NIH, Anthony Fauci/NIAID, and Rochelle Walensky/CDC nor the FDA/Woodcock and Marks) or vaccine developers have not prosecuted their case as to why children need these vaccines. Moreover, we run the risk of turning children into asymptomatic super spreaders (as is happening in adults now in UK and Israel (and US)) as well as incurring lethal outcomes, if we move forward with mass vaccination. 

Where is the evidence that underpins this thesis that we are indeed staring down the barrel of Marek 2.0? The recent Public Health England (PHE) reports # 44 and # 45 are a key aspect of this thesis (as are 5 prior PHE reports) and while speculative and theoretical, we think these reports raise serious issues that we cannot discount. We even think we are past theoretical. We unfold the discussion with the following studies that set the table by revealing the failure and immense challenges with the current vaccines (particularly Pfizer) with regard to the Delta variant. 

The vaccine has clearly failed against Delta and the fully vaccinated are revealing staggering infection and propensity to transmit. For example, we have present research findings by Singanayagam et al. (fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts), by Chau et al. (viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases in vaccinated nurses were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with prior strains early 2020), and by Riemersma et al. (no difference in viral loads when comparing unvaccinated individuals to those who have vaccine “breakthrough” infections and if vaccinated individuals become infected with the delta variant, they may be sources of SARS-CoV-2 transmission to others) that reveal the vaccines have very sub-optimal efficacy. This troubling situation of the vaccinated being highly infectious and transmitting the virus has also clearly emerged in seminal nosocomial outbreak papers by Chau et al. (HCWs in Vietnam), the Finland hospital outbreak (spread among HCWs and patients), and the Israel hospital outbreak (spread among HCWs and patients). These studies also troublingly revealed that the PPE and masking were essentially ineffective within the healthcare setting. All of the HCWs were double vaccinated yet there was extensive spread to themselves and their patients. 

In addition, Nordströmet al.(vaccine effectiveness of Pfizer against infection waned progressively from 92% day 15-30 to 47% day 121-180, and from day 211 and onwards no effectiveness), Suthar et al. (a substantial waning of antibody responses and T cell immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and its variants, at 6 months following the second immunization), Yahi et al. (with delta variant, neutralizing antibodies have a decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity), Juthani et al. (higher numbers of patients with severe or critical illness in those who received the Pfizer vaccine), Gazit et al. (SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant, and substantially elevated risk of symptomatic COVID and hospitalization), and Acharya et al. (no significant difference in cycle threshold values between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups infected with Delta) collectively reveal the poor efficacy and even negative efficacy of the COVID vaccines. Levine-Tiefenbrun et al. reports that the viral load reduction effectiveness declines with time after vaccination, “significantly decreasing at 3 months after vaccination and effectively vanishing after about 6 months.” 

As an example, the Swedish study (retrospective with 842,974 pairs (N=1,684,958)) is particularly alarming for it shows that while the vaccine provides temporary protection against infection, the efficacy declines below zero and then to negative efficacy territory at approximately 7 months, underscoring that the vaccinated are highly susceptible to infection and eventually become highly infected (more so than the unvaccinated). A further example emerges from Ireland whereby reporting suggests that Waterford city district has State’s highest rate of Covid-19 infections, while the county also boasts highest rate of vaccination in the Republic (99.7% vaccinated). Reports are that the U.S. Covid-19 deaths for 2021 surpassed the deaths from 2020, leading some to state that “more people have died from COVID-19 in 2021, with most adults vaccinated and nearly all seniors), than in 2020 when nobody was vaccinated”. 

So the evidence has accumulated (as above) that there is breakthrough and the vaccine is failing against the Delta variant. There is no question. Even CDC’s Director Rochelle Walensky admitted that the vaccines are not stopping transmission which is an admission of a failed vaccine. Again, the Marek’s disease in chickens and the vaccination situation explains what we are potentially facing with these leaky vaccines (increased transmission, faster transmission, and more ‘hotter’ variants). 

One model of AMVE/ADE surrounds the Original antigenic sin and the initial priming of the immune system or exposure prejudicing the immune response life-long to that pathogen/virus or similar. Moreover, if the initial priming of the immune system is indeed sub-optimal, then the subsequent response (exposure) may be sub-optimal to that pathogen or similar/related ones. 

We are not virologists or immunologists but we seek to make sense of the data we are seeing and what is happening to vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. We are guided by the tremendous work of Dr. Dan Stock, and our explanation post vaccination (with his expert input) is as follows:

If the initial priming/exposure is via vaccine, then the helper T-cell (CD 4+) immune response would be biased (switched) toward a Th 2 B-cell and antibody response and a more limited Th1 CD 8+ cytotoxic T cell response at the localized native site of infection. The immune system is forced to choose between Th 1 and Th2 differentiation, and that such differentiation is permanent. It is ‘learning’ that anytime you are exposed to the virus in the wild (or similar virus), that it should switch to the Th 2 pathway and make less Th 1 cytotoxic immunity because you have taken the vaccine. The immune system is forced to switch between Th 1 and Th 2 immune responding pathways and if it does respond systemically with antibodies (if your first exposure is vaccine), then when you are indeed infected in the future with the virus as a localized respiratory tract infection (your immune system’s second look at the virus), your immune system would be responding wrong (disturbed) and not with the cytotoxic CD 8+ response that is actually (optimally) needed at the site of infection (respiratory tract). In other words, the signals sent by the local tissue to the immune system says to produce B cells and antibodies and not the needed cytotoxic cells at the local site of infection to begin clearing out the infection. 

The result is that the respiratory tissue (lungs) become more infected (as the cytotoxic cells are not there or not enough of it is produced to clear the infection) and sicker and sicker and the infected person could be very infected with more and more virus as the CD 8+ response is diminished or maybe non-existent. The vaccinated person would be then potentially become very ill and at the same time, amassing massive viral load and capable of transmitting virus. So the infection is building up in the local tissues (the primary site of infection) and not being cleared by the cytotoxic response which has been tamped down. This may help explain the data we are seeing out of UK (reports # 44 & 45 and reports 39-43) with deaths not only in the vulnerable unvaccinated but in the vaccinated. This is a real problem if this is indeed what is occurring. A systemic presentation (due to the vaccine) must necessarily reduce Th 1 response as it drives Th 2 response, allowing not only increased shedding, but eventually driving a pathogen that would naturally not rapidly disseminate, and certainly not before it was eradicated, into an uncheckable pathogen that would more rapidly and dependably disseminate, further driving progressive Th 2 differentiation, reduced Th 1 response, until eventually the infection would not have any meaningful Th 1 response. The result is the lungs are destroyed and the upper limit of Th 2 response is reached. Then we would see not only spread to the naive unvaccinated, but increased death in the vaccinated, who would never recover with proper immune response as the immune system ‘learns’ the initial sub-optimal incorrect response (away from CD 8+ cytotoxic responding) and responds in that direction with subsequent exposure/boosting. Boosting will be devastating for it will only drive this deranged immune response and it will build and the vaccinated will get sicker and sicker for there is no Th 1 cytotoxic response available. The immune system effectively learns to respond incorrectly and the result is the tissue in the respiratory tract/lungs getting more and more infected and sicker, and the vaccinated person at risk of severe illness as the vulnerable vaccinated is also at risk of infection and severe outcome. Even if the nearby unvaccinated has a robust immune system, it could be overwhelmed with virus from the vaccinated person who is shedding and churning out massive infection (as the CD 8+ pathways is stepped down). Both can become very ill and die. 

So when we look more closely at the Public Health England (PHE) report # 44 & 45 (including reports # 39 to 43) which has very granular data, we see that the infections are markedly higher in those vaccinated in all age groups over 30 (tables 2-5), the shift to those 30 years and above occurring between week 35 and week 38 in the report # 39. Table 5 while reporting unadjusted data, is very instructive as to the most current rates between week 40 and week 43 2021 (page 20 in report # 44) (Table 1 & 2), and note week 44 data is reported as ‘unadjusted’. The same emerges in report # 45 (Table 6 page 22, between week 41 and week 44 2021). We see a stable and consistent trend in this robustly collected and reported UK data in that the vaccinated (it appears) are becoming more highly infected with the Delta variant and the unvaccinated are being hospitalized and dying (along with the vaccinated). The unvaccinated are a particular concern given their vulnerability and these alarming rates. A recent Yahoo UK report is sounding alarm as are others where we are witnessing the highest rates of infection, hospitalization, and death in nations most vaccinated. There are similar reports in Scotland that the fully vaccinated accounted for “89% of Covid-19 deaths in the past four weeks, whilst also accounting for 77% of Covid-19 hospitalisations and 65% of alleged Covid-19 cases from October 9th through to November 5th.”


Is the COVID vaccine protecting us from serious damage but not preventing us from getting the virus, and as such (as seen in the UK data) driving more lethal variants? Are we really looking at imperfect vaccination that is keeping us alive but allows transmission, not the killing of the virus, so that the vaccinated are transmitting the virus and actually more potent virus? That the vaccinated themselves are becoming very ill given a deranged immune response. As seen in the vaccination against Marek’s disease in chickens, we may be witnessing that vaccination against COVID-19 virus and disease is favouring higher virulence (to vaccinated and vulnerable unvaccinated). 

From where we sit, we argue that this is not a theoretical risk anymore and the data we are looking at suggests this is actually what we are witnessing now in Israel, UK, etc. We see no other data that could explain what we are witnessing and this deranged incorrect immune response between switch Th 1 to Th 2 immune responding seems to be the best explanation thus far. How do we address this as this is potentially catastrophic? We argue to stop the vaccination (with focus on high-risk persons if properly informed and consented; we offer, or make available the vaccine, but we do not mandate) and the reality is that if this model bears out, then boosting will further derange the immune system that is biased toward an antibody response when a needed cytotoxic immune response on subsequent exposures, is not there or severely set aside.

We also say, under no condition, none, do we allow our low-risk healthy children to be vaccinated with these sub-optimal, imperfect, leaky and largely safety untested vaccines that only provides a potential opportunity for harm. Our view is we impose a hard stop now on these vaccines/boosters. We must ask the vaccine developers to address the harms we are seeing before moving further and in fact, we have many alternatives to address this emergency. We do not need these vaccines. We never did. It is imperative to consider alternatives beyond just vaccinating e.g. using non-vaccine disease prevention, such as early outpatient treatment and available nutraceuticals such as with Vitamin D/calcifediol, Zinc, and prophylactic ivermectin. 

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  1. Cheryl says:

    God help all who innocently took this shot (not a vaccine – never was/never is). They should immediately be recognized by the Health Community as Adverce Reactions, & treated with FULL Rights of all patients to receive the utmost of care! Those who were mandated to take these shots should be compensated by the Gov’ts or employers, who made people who did not want them to have to choose between taking it or losing their job! Now, for the evil creators, scientists, producers, all health administrators, & Gov’t heads, who pushed this shot – they should be tried in an International Court of Law, & if convicted , serve out their sentence, or be put to death, for their crimes against humanity. Nothing less, is deserved for this evil class of conspirators & perpetrators. Upon conviction, the Drug Companies who were involved should be made to pay all their profits of this Vaccine to the victims & their families. Finally, to all the victims suffering – we understand exactly what is going on here, & are violently angry & sick to our stomachs on your behalf! We hold you up in our prayers, with all the care we can give you for relief from your pain & terrible suffering. You are not alone. We want to be here for you, & do all we can to make your voices heard. Please speak up, so the world can know your plight, even as the compaigns to silence you rage on. We cannot help you, until we know who you are, & can start to help you. We love you, & Pray every day for you!

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