CoVID Shots are NOT Vaccines: Professor Christian Perronne French & WHO Vaccine Expert

“I am not anti-vaccine, because I wrote the vaccination policy for France for a great many years. But the problem is that the products they call “vaccines” for Covid-19 are not really vaccines. That’s my problem.”

The full interview with translated transcripts is available on the UK Comlumn website.

I am not anti-vaccine, because I wrote the vaccination policy for France for a great many years. But the problem is that the products they call “vaccines” for Covid-19 are not really vaccines. That’s my problem.

Maybe [call them] genetic modifiers; I don’t exactly know the proper term from a scientific point of view. But when you inject messenger RNA to produce a huge amount of a spike protein, a fragment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you can’t control the process. And the problem is that in human cells, we know that RNA might go back to DNA.

Normally, it goes from DNA to RNA—this may be a little bit difficult for a general audience to understand—but it may go in the reverse direction, because we have in our chromosomes, in our genome, genes in our DNA originating from retroviruses, of animal origin centuries or millennia ago, and these can code for enzymes which can code in the reverse direction.

So we now know (it’s officially published), and now we find, in the human genome, sequences of DNA corresponding to the RNA of the virus. That’s proof that what I said in an open letter in December [2020], saying that it was dangerous to inject these products, has now been confirmed. And all the governments continue! To me, it’s a great mistake…

I’m deeply shocked at all these so-called “experts” who are advisers to our authorities, who are on the TV every day, and most of them have huge conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies that make Remdesivir, that also make the “vaccine” and so on. It’s a great scandal.

I think that all these guys in the media should be fired, if we are to follow French law, and also [those] in other European countries should be fired from the official committees. They should not be advisors any more.
They should not be chairmen of groups. I was Chairman of the High Council on Public Health for Infectious Diseases for fifteen years, so I know all about that; I know the whole system. For me, it’s a great scandal. We now know that the risk of death and of severe problems is much higher if you are vaccinated than not vaccinated [as a child].

And now, we see in some countries that most of the problems, of the cases, are coming from vaccinated people, who are transmitting the disease. And of course, this is not official language, but in France, the government lies: they say, “Although we have seen some cases, it is the fault of the unvaccinated for contaminating the vaccinated.”

I’m a Fellow of the Louis Pasteur Institute; I’ve worked in the field of vaccination for years and years. This is the first time in my life that I’ve heard from companies, from the manufacturers, from the ministers, from the WHO [such talk]: “It’s a very good vaccine—but we have to tell you that if you are vaccinated, you can get the disease anyway! And we’re not sure, but it may slow the transmission.”

This is not normal. If you are vaccinated with an efficient vaccine, you are protected. You should not have to wear a mask any more; you should have a normal life. But in fact, in many countries, they say, “Oh, you’ve been vaccinated, but you’re not really protected.” And now they say to the vaccinated—who are supposed to be protected, who should have confidence!—“Oh, the unvaccinated will contaminate you!”

Now, as regards the “health passport”: you know that they published [this proposal] five weeks ago in Israel, and they were close to civil war in Israel. They were fighting inside families. The “vaccine” was mandatory for physicians, for students. And now, they’ve stopped that [requirement].

In France now, President Macron will speak tomorrow evening [12July], and is expected to say [as he duly did] that vaccination will be mandatory for health care workers, health providers and to participate in some [aspects of] public life. I think this is a great scandal, and I think there will be a civil war if we go this way.

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