CoVID Jabbed Autopsies: Microscopy and Mass Spectrometry show Sudden Heart Inflammation, Clotting, Rapid Cancers and more…

“never-before-seen patterns of attack by the immune system on the body’s own organs, discovered through microscopy and mass spectrometry. The doctors described “self-to-self attacks” leading to sudden heart inflammation, blood clotting, rapidly-growing cancers…more frequent and thorough autopsies of the Jabbed called for “

The Reluctance to Conduct Autopsies

Previously we introduced Dr Cole’s Where Are All The Covid-19 Vaccinated Autopsies? presentation. In brief Dr Cole explained:

The first autopsy of a person vaccinated against Covid-19 revealed that viral RNA was found in almost every organ in the body… This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body… and we now know that it is the spike proteins that cause the damage…

People think that only a minority of people suffer adverse effects from the vaccine. This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body…

Worse still, the viral RNA found in all organs despite a vaccine indicates that the vaccine is not working at all, and that it is potentiating the virus, because of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which means it actually spreads faster in vaccinated people.

Dr. Ryan Cole is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. A Mayo Clinic trained Board Certified Pathologist, he is Board Certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He has expertise in immunology and virology and also has sub-specialty expertise in skin pathology.

So why is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) extremely serious?

Clinically, this antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) can cause a hyperinflammatory response (“cytokine storm”) that will amplify the damage to the lungs, liver and other organs of our body.

Attempts to develop vaccines to the original SARS virus, which is closely related to SARS-CoV-2, repeatedly failed due to ADE. The vaccines did induce antibodies, but when the vaccinated animals were subsequently infected with the virus, they became more ill than the unvaccinated controls… The possibility of ADE was not adequately addressed in the clinical trials on any of the COVID-19 vaccines…

Doctors for CoVID Ethics- Letter to Physicians: Four New Scientific Discoveries Regarding COVID-19 Immunity and Vaccines – Implications for Safety and Efficacy

Dr. Wolfgang is a medical specialist in several fields, an epidemiologist and a long-time health official. He was Chair of the Council of Europe Health Committee, was on the board of Transparency International and highly respected until he spoke out about the Clot Shots. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg explains a cytokine storm in 90 seconds:

Recent Autopsies Provide Irrefutable Evidence: The Clot Shots Are Neither Safe Nor Effective

45% of all reported deaths happened within two weeks after vaccination.

Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists, said that 30% to 40% of people who died within 2 weeks after vaccination were killed by the vaccine. His results were replicated by other German pathologists (since no US pathologist would dare accuse the vaccine of causing death or they would be immediately fired).

Steve Stack

Schirmacher, the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, reported that in the forty autopsies he recently conducted, the most common denominator among them was that they died within two weeks of receiving a dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Apart from stressing that the vaccine seemed to have spurred the development of autoimmune diseases as a side effect, the Chief Pathologist also discovered that it also caused cerebral vein thrombosis in some of the deceased persons he examined. However, he did not specify whether the deceased individuals only had their first shot or were already administered a total of two doses.

Based on the results of his investigation, Schirmacher is calling for more frequent and more thorough autopsies of vaccinated individuals to determine if the COVID-19 shots played a role in their demise. The Chief Pathologist emphasized that he is publicizing his findings because there may already be many unreported cases of deaths resulting from the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Egg House Media

In December 2021, at the second interdisciplinary symposium presented by Doctors for CoVID Ethics, Dr Arne Burkhardt and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi demonstrated that additional autopsies confirmed 40% of deaths after the CoVID Shots were due to shot induced organ attack by the immune system.

Dr. Arne Burkhardt is a pathologist who has taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen. He has audited and certified institutes of pathology in Germany been invited for visiting professorships in Japan, the United States, Korea, Sweden, Malaysia and Turkey. He headed the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years and has published more than 150 scientific articles. Dr. Bhakdi chaired the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes Gutenberg Unversity of Mainz, Germany and was Editor-in-Chief of Medical Microbiology and Immunology scientific journal both for 22 years. He has published over 300 research articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology and parasitology.

The doctors described what they said were never-before-seen patterns of attack by the immune system on the body’s own organs, discovered through microscopy and mass spectrometry. The doctors described “self-to-self attacks” leading to sudden heart inflammation, blood clotting, rapidly-growing cancers in young people, and many other bizarre findings. The team concluded that 30% to 40% of the bodies they examined, most likely 40%, had died as a direct result of the vaccines. All [but one] of the bodies examined were over age 50.

Coronavirus News

Regarding causes of death, Burkhardt pointed out that lymphocytic myocarditis is the most common diagnosis and is hardly detectable macroscopically. It is often not even recognized histologically, i.e. when examined under the microscope, and in certain circumstances is misinterpreted as an infarct. Until now, myocarditis has not been linked to infarcts, but histological evidence suggests otherwise.

Doctors suspect that other potentially life-threatening side effects of corona vaccination include autoimmune phenomena, reduced immune capacity, accelerated cancer growth, “endothelitis” due to vascular damage, vasculitis, perivasculitis and “clumping” of erythrocytes. For this, further research is needed and is already underway.

Rare autoimmune diseases and vaccine contamination
Burkhardt described it as “extreme” that three very rare autoimmune diseases, namely Sjogren’s syndrome, leucoclasmic vasculitis of the skin and Hashimoto’s disease were found among the ten deceased.

Burkhardt and his colleagues have been investigating for the past few months. He said he could only think of one thing in seeing the results – “a lymphocyte riot”, potentially in all tissues and organs. Lymphocytes were found in a wide variety of tissues such as the liver, kidneys, spleen up to the uterus and tumors, which massively attacked the tissue there.

Burkhardt also mentioned vaccine contamination. In Japan, for example, a metallic substance was found in the Moderna vaccine.

Burkhardt criticized the fact that death certificates, as they currently exist, are “completely unsuitable” and “ultimately statistically worthless”. [my emphasis added]
Watch the symposium here.

Scientific papers are increasingly revealing that the newly defined vaccines are the opposite of what we expect – they do not boost our immune systems, they destroy them.

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  1. gino says:

    The only thing the CoronaCON has exposed is that humanity is still a herd animal.
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    • Editor says:

      Archbishop Vigano says it best:
      “A new desire for “salvation” has spread across the globe, but it’s not a desire to be saved from Hell to enter Heaven. It’s a medical salvation with medical sacraments and medical popes and priests like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave an interview regarding the nefarious rise of a global movement desirous of a new faith, health salvation, and new sacraments…‘In conclusion, [COVID-19] is a pretext with which to give the semblance of legitimacy to restrictions on natural freedoms and fundamental individual rights, in such a way as to create an economic and social crisis with which to make the Great Reset irreversible.'”

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