Celebrities Read Script$ To Push CoVID Restrictions, Injections & Ignore Deaths

Many of these celebrities are paid to read a script and have no scientific or medical knowledge.

Above: Australian former NBA star Andrew Bogut says he was offered money to promote lockdowns but refused.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people of all age groups have died or been severely injured for life after listening to the advice of Hollywood celebrities, talk show hosts and politicians regarding the vaccine for covid 19. None of these people cite any of the risks or facts publicly available via government and scientific bodies. They are paid actors reading an approved script with zero obligation to the health and well-being of you or your family.

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Read about the “safety” tests Moderna alone was finally able to sidestep to bring their first “vaccine” to market and inject into pregnant women: COVID-19: How Moderna Got Its Prescient (Wink-Wink) $35 Billion ‘Booster’ Miracle

Read about getting D Dimer and other blood tests to check your health if you have had an injection(s) here and here.

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