A Wake Up Warning From a Canadian Truck Driver about Mandates: Prepare Accordingly

This Canadian truck driver, forced out of work for not taking Clot Shot #1 or #2 or Booster Shot #1 to #infinity, dishes out a few stark truths. (With a lot of cursing.)

For instance:

Why are those who are double or triple jabbed angry at the un-vaxxed? The un-vaxxed did not lie and say the Clot Shots were “safe and effective”.

The un-vaxxed paid attention to the experts.

As mandates are forcing people out of their livelihood, what do the Jab Survivors think will happen to the economy and their conveniences? Does everyone really believe the “experts” globally have been caught off guard? No, not at all.

When goods become scarce, prices rise squeezing the middle class and poorer economic groups out of the market. As people can afford less and less their health and longevity declines. As people become unemployed, bankrupt, divorced and suicidal the prospects for their children diminish drastically. This is not rocket science.

Now that employer insurance companies are complaining about an unprecedent rise in deaths – post the Clot Shot roll-out – do we really believe that jabbed truck drivers can compensate for the short fall in labor?

Is this horrendous division and poverty inducing reaction to a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate really worth it? Hell no!

Unless….. you are Big Pharma.

Will there even be a healthy post-Jab generation?

The data does not support the massive overreach into our communities, families and body. So why are people falling for it?

It is time to Wake-Up to the reality. We’ve allowed our nations to become subjects of the CoVIDian Cult.

‘In conclusion, [COVID-19] is a pretext with which to give the semblance of legitimacy to restrictions on natural freedoms and fundamental individual rights, in such a way as to create an economic and social crisis with which to make the Great Reset irreversible.’….

A new desire for “salvation” has spread across the globe, but it’s not a desire to be saved from Hell to enter Heaven. It’s a medical salvation with medical sacraments and medical popes and priests like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave an interview regarding the nefarious rise of a global movement desirous of a new faith, health salvation, and new sacraments.

Zimbabwe 2.0 Going Global in 2022?

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2 Responses

  1. gino says:

    This is happening in Australia too! It will eventually happen everywhere in the western world.
    Deliberate – forced vaccination and also control of the transport system.
    Covid is totalitarian!

  2. gino says:

    This truck driver shouldn’t refer to it as a vaccine.
    Its a ‘shot!’

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