Blessed Virgin Mary’s Medicinal Plants

… My Mother has given and will give you medicines that you can find in Nature and with them mitigate diseases and make them disappear. DO NOT KEEP THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE TO USE THEM; LOOK FOR WHERE THEY ARE, LOOK FOR WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM NEAR YOU, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST INSTANT..

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de María – Aug. 03, 2017

… Pray My children, pray, do not forget that disease comes out of the laboratories; use what I have already told you for health.

Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María – May 20, 2017

These are two wonderful Medicinal Plant guides that can be used in conjunction with prayer to prevent illness and to heal from illness. The beautifully illustrated guide (see samples below) clearly states it is a starting point and the reader must investigate the remedies according to their own health status and pre-existing conditions. Consulting with a Homeopath is recommended, especially for people with pre-existing conditions and children. The second guide provides specific details on dosages and contraindications to help you and your Homeopath.

It is time to realize that we are fighting today to defend body, mind and soul, we must defend ourselves with nature, action and Faith. This is our right and our gift from our Father.

via Deunanube a pdf of the beautifully illustrated guide is available for free here and the detailed guide here. Some background information and a peak inside the guide:

Guide listing all the Medicinal Plants indicated by Blessed Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ to catholic prophet Luz de María, to face upcoming epidemics that medical science will not be able to stop.

Important Note: This article will be updated to reflect the same plant categorization of the document published on Luz de Maria’s official website. Until then, we recommend using the official document available at this link: PDF.
(This article was published in times when there was no official plant classification and some categories may differ from the categories in the official guide).

Note: This guide does not replace the Recommendations on Foods & Health, which also has indications for our health. However, here we explore only what pertains to medicinal plants, to have a quick, easy and orderly access to these indications.


Coronavirus COVID-19: According to the revelations, this is one of the new viruses referred to by the messages to Luz de Maria, and as such we recommend having the plants indicated in the section «Illnesses that affect the airways» at your disposal.

(…) I call you to unite, to unify and intensify the fraternity, I call you to collect the Messages in which My Mother or I have given you the natural medicines necessary to face the great pests, plagues, diseases and chemical contaminations to which you, as Humanity, will be exposed, for it is not only Nature that rebels against man, but also those who, with petty and selfish interests, have conspired to exterminate a large part of humanity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de María – Oct. 10, 2018

(…) YOU MUST NOT FORGET THAT: “MY HELP COMES FROM THE LORD, WHICH MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH” (Ps. 121,2). Do not forget the medicines that I have given you as Mother to have them at hand and with them manage to overcome these diseases and others that the demons will drop on Humanity.

Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María – Oct. 05, 2018

Sample pages:

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