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Our Position

Why we are entitled to informed consent

What is happening in Australia right now can only be described as a medical apartheid, where basic human rights are being removed on the basis of a person’s vaccination status. This discriminatory treatment is deeply divisive and traumatic for many, especially those who are being coerced or forced to be vaccinated, by threats of job loss. 

Forcing a medical intervention is unethical, immoral and we believe disproportionate to the threat. It is also seriously lacking in scientific merit, and has created a trail of disaster which has compromised our society, economy, public health, sovereignty and bodily autonomy.

There are many critical questions of law that need to be tested before the courts, but in the meantime; we find ourselves in a situation where we may lose our jobs and be denied many basic human rights, because employers and business owners are being made to believe they are required to be the enforcers of mandates.

Being forced when there is no government mandate

​There are serious questions that all employers should consider before enforcing vaccinations, and we urge them to visit our business owners page to inform themselves. Employees and sole traders, can click here for more information.

Human Rights Advocates AustraliaAdvocate Me and their team of lawyers are escalating these significant questions, to get to the root issue of whether or not such mandates are lawful or reasonable.

​First: where there is no government mandate, do employers have the ability to unilaterally amend an employment contract and override an employee’s rights to bodily integrity and informed consent?

​Second: if an employer goes beyond the government mandate, are they placing themselves in the role of a medical body or enforcer of public health legislation, an area in which they have no expertise or authority?

​We also believe that employers are failing to comply with their obligations, as required under Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) legislation, to balance the potential risks to employees of adverse reactions from the vaccines; with the potential benefit of reducing the risk of transmission. See our Business Risk Register for more information.

​Medical interventions are not covered within the scope of the OH&S legislation, the enterprise agreements and/or awards, nor can they constitute legitimate contractual expectation.

When there is a government mandate

​The rule of proportionality must be applied before our government can even contemplate forced vaccination. 

​Delegated ministerial orders, have no power to mandate vaccinations either, as the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015, has very strict conditions around imposing any medical treatment, and retains and protects the right of informed consent. These questions are about to be challenged in the courts. 

​Australia has an extremely low prevalence of serious illness and death caused by covid-19 (as at 17 Sep 2021 0.003% resulting in death and 0.2% overall), indicating forced vaccination is disproportionate. While our politicians will argue this low rate is a result of lockdowns, there are many scientific studies, backed by leading experts which conclude that:-

​Natural Herd Immunity is profoundly more enduring and therefore significantly better than vaccination

Lockdowns prolong the process of natural herd immunity being established

Mass Vaccination during a pandemic creates immune escape variants, such as the Delta variant, thereby exacerbating the impact from the virus.

​​Plus, there are serious concerns about the vaccine safety testing, mRNA and viral vector technologies used, and other safety issues. TGA figures on vaccine adverse events reported, show the average rate of injury and deaths reported after vaccination is higher than the average rate of infection of, and death with covid-19. It is understood that only 1-10% of adverse reactions actually get reported.

​The traditional role of a vaccine is to stop transmission of the disease, however these covid-19 vaccines do not achieve this. So when you consider this, together with the fact that virology experts state that mass vaccination causes escape variants, this only further strengthens the argument against mandates.

​For detailed information about these vaccines, we recommend joining People for Safe Vaccines. This not-for-profit organisation is working around the clock to lobby the government and educate the public on the real risks associated with these new gene therapies, that are inaccurately being called vaccines. 

What science has the government relied on to mandate vaccination for healthcare workers, but provide exemptions for pharmacists and doctors of private practice? Doesn’t this contradict their reasons for mandating it for other healthcare and aged care workers? And why are exemptions being provided to politicians?

​We say that we will not be bullied into taking a medical intervention that:

  • does not stop transmission,
  • has no medium to long-term safety and efficacy studies,
  • it’s too extreme a response, since there is low prevalence of covid-19 here,
  • it has been shown that natural immunity is far superior, and
  • especially, when these vaccines pose a real risk of serious injury or death.

​If we submit to these mandates, government or otherwise, we not only compromise our health, but we also lose our freedom to choose, and if we lose our freedom to choose, we are no more than slaves. 

Continue to read their exceptionally well referenced position paper here. Explore their website here. Share their informed research here.

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