Australian Nurses, Ambulance, Front-line Staff Describe the CoVID Jab Injury Epidemic they are Witnessing

People with extremely serious adverse reactions including strokes and heart attacks are being prescribed anti-depressants to avoid reporting Adverse CoVID Injection(s) Reactions!! Doctors won’t report adverse reactions, note them or even discuss the possibility of them. The health workers are being fired for refusing the injections, or are sick because they had the injections or are getting paid more to leave the hospital and administer the injections. The health crisis looming is huge.

Editor: Whether you are a health care worker or a covid injection injured victim, you are NOT alone anywhere in the world. Please start here if you need to find resources and support, this list is growing and the groups are increasingly connecting with each other. So check back anytime!

Find other Australian health care workers speaking out here and here.

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