Australia Starts Forcibly Relocating & Imprisoning People In A CoVID Concentration Camp Using The Army: Fear Is Rising

Update video 24 November 2021:

The precedent has been set using Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. The group includes people who are not sick but are claimed to be in “close” contact with others claimed to have tested positive to C19 using the false PCR test.

Update: The Howard Springs CoVID Concentration Camp is run by Serco a massive globalist corporation in the MIC – Military Industrial Complex are hiring Injection nurses. Not nurses with general health care experience for the inmates – purely injection dispensing nurses.

The only death they are reporting is of a man in forced quarantine in the concentration camp.

Quarantine death in Howard Springs

Commissioner Chalker today said an investigation was underway into the death of a 77-year-old man at the Howard Springs quarantine facility.
Commissioner Chalker confirmed during a press conference this morning the man arrived in Darwin on an international repatriation flight.
He said advice given to police so far indicated the death is not related to COVID-19.

In other words there is no pandemic crisis to justify using the army to forcibly imprison people in a concentration camp.

Where is this heading? She connects the dots for us all over the world in less than 2 minutes:

It is difficult to find out what is going on inside the concentration camp:

Disturbing Details Emerge From Inside Australian Quarantine Camps

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